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Meaning of name Karan  

Etymology : Variant of KARNA


Saint :


Origin : Indian


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Gender : boy


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Who is he?


Karan   is particularly lively and sociable, extroverted and extremely communicative. He is a likeable character, due to his gentle, peaceful demeanour combined with his sensitivity and love of humanity. Courageous and determined, he is capable of incredible effort as long as he feels motivated. His hypersensitivity combined with his acute receptivity can sometimes play tricks on him. If he is emotionally shaken he feels unarmed and is capable of seeking refuge in a fool´s paradise or by taking the easy way out. Fortunately, Karan   is lucky and usually cheerful, although his moods can be quite exaggerated at times. Creative and inspired, he is very nervous and this could result in excessive mobility and dissipation. He is a perfectionist where his work is concerned, not excluding the way he dresses - order and cleanliness are two of his favourite words. As a child, he is a charming and endearing little person, voracious and talkative with a tendency to be emotionally unstable. Over to you, parents, to draw a clear line in the sand and keep an eye on his tendency to over-exaggerate and boast. This desire to embellish reality could find its positive expression through the practice of an artistic activity.


What does he like?
To be liked, to seduce, communicate and have fun; such are the priorities of this young man who is much more suited to a happy, easy life than to struggle and effort. For Karan  , everything revolves around communication and exchange, either with those in his immediate environment or with the wider public (he possesses great faculties of expression and excels in the art of persuasion). Furthermore, he has high hopes for humanity and loathes routine. In matters of the heart, he is a charming and sensual partner, but he may find it difficult to resist temptation when it comes to pleasures of the flesh!




What does he do?




Inquisitive and mobile, Karan   could be attracted to one of the following occupations: artistic or creative activities with an emphasis on expression (oral or written), the medical or paramedical domains, marketing or in connection with travel and foreign countries, the sea, gastronomy, teaching or law and justice...



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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The last comments about "Karan  "

Comment Pseudo Date
role model karna who was very known for giving the things in and help the people KARAN 2014-07-27
this is so true! karan 2014-06-17
Kkkkk karan 2014-01-05
I am karan and as it said I am an artist LOLZZ ;) :P @hunter9991 on fb karan 2013-11-14
my uncle name is karan he is very rude but i need to test nature of other person 2013-10-21
my uncle name is karan he is very rude but i need to test nature of other person anu 2013-10-21
karan has its own rules, which make him strong, happy and different from others. 2013-04-27
karan 2013-04-15

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