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Meaning of name Dag

Etymology : Derived from Old Norse dagr meaning "day".


Saint :


Origin : Scandinavian


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Gender : boy


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Who is he?


Energetic and masculine, brave and assertive, Dag dreams of being in charge. He is quick-tempered, touchy and aggressive, particularly when he finds himself in situations where he is out of his depth. Brisk and often in a hurry, he is impulsive and irritable. Outbursts of anger are a common occurrence and he could occasionally be violent. He seeks power, and for this reason he doesn´t tolerate the authority of others very well. He is stubborn and capable of acting in bad faith, and is not always able to admit when he is in the wrong. Well-armed for the battlefield of life (as he sees things), he is active, resourceful and perfectly capable of recognizing an opportunity when he sees one and grabbing it with both hands. He has a head for business while his feet are firmly planted on the ground, and is actually more concrete, practical and physical than truly intellectual. Strict, authoritarian, loyal, frank and direct, he loathes pretence, deceit and flattery, which will get you nowhere with him. He is a passionate man, however he has great difficulty expressing his deeper feelings. As a child, his argumentative attitude will certainly be very testing for his parents! Nevertheless, they should be firm with him, but remain fair and coherent; he would prefer a well-deserved correction than laxity or weakness in his parents - attitudes that would surely condemn him to grow up to be a rather disagreeable adult. Dag is also affectionate and demonstrative with a big, generous heart. It is important to inculcate values such as order and method as early on as possible, as well as encourage him to participate in physical activities - preferably as part of a group, which will provide an outlet for his excess energy.


What does he like?
He wants to win and possess, and he knows just how to use (if not abuse) his natural magnetism. He enjoys physical exercise, sport and action, which are necessary to his equilibrium. When in love he is passionate, demanding, jealous and possessive. His abrupt manner, lack of tolerance and diplomacy could scare off more than one sensitive soul... Others will consider his exclusive attitude as proof of his strong feelings and passion! But make no mistake, Dag is an affectionate and tender-hearted creature, underneath it all.


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What does he do?




Dag is unlikely to be tempted to undertake a lengthy program of study because his need for action and accomplishment is too great. He will particularly be attracted to a career that goes some way towards satisfying this craving for action or in connection with a certain power (police, army, advertising, sport, politics...), activities in relation to travel (import-export)..., business, management, accounting, economy, the stock market, a career in the medico-social or medical fields, particularly surgery.



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It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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