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NOAH and CASEY = No great shakes!

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This is the kind of compatibility that is always difficult to deal with! You feel as though you are falling in love, but you may have both rushed into this rather too quickly. If you look closer, what do you really have in common? What do you share? Are you aware of the need that you both have to experience personal freedom on a regular basis? Are you certain that your relationship is more than a bit of fun that will one day have to give way to reality, when you open your eyes to the impossibility of building a future together? There’s no reason why you can’t still enjoy good times together, as long as you remain lucid and prepared for the inevitable decision that you will have to make sooner or later, usually by mutual agreement...
Succes rate between NOAH and CASEY

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Last comments on NOAH or CASEY

Comment Name Pseudo
What about born on 11th? CASEY Casie
I have to agree. This describes me almost exactly. with all the other comments from the other Casey's - I can't help but feel like a character in a movie where there is a race of people - a race of Casey's - among others and this is their basic make up. I feel a little bit sad that my character traits and qualities can be realized from my name without even knowing me. Am I not unique and special like I thought? casey Casey
Thats nothing like noah NOAH Salvador
That's mostly not like my brother Noah NOAH Ian
that is creepy but that describes me perfectly ;) CASEY Casey


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