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MICHAEL and BRANDY = Heated!

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A complicated relationship often tainted by jealousy and the emotional outbursts that can accompany such feelings which are just as likely to be instigated by either party. Harsh and brutal words may be exchanged, along with frequent threats of breaking up. Any excuse could be good for a confrontation, whether it’s due to suspicion of infidelity or refusal to accept that the other person could enjoy doing things by themselves. To calm things down a bit, both individuals need to show a little empathy and understand that this is actually often because the other is suffering from a lack of self-confidence.
Succes rate between MICHAEL and BRANDY

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Last comments on MICHAEL or BRANDY

Comment Name Pseudo
shreck is dreck MICHAEL nazi 9/11
hes a ugly motha fuka MICHAEL FuckBoy101
i love you so much my husband myers MICHAEL natasha myers
Frighteningly accurate. BRANDY Brandy
Huni..I LOVE YOU! xoxoxoxoxo MICHAEL Rm


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