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KELLY and DEBI = Serenity!

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Together, this should be plain sailing on the ocean of life. You are finely tuned in to one another and your relationship should thrive with the passing years. Being together seems to give you the strength to face life’s challenges. Try letting a little sensuality and playfulness into your relationship to add spice to the moments that you spend in each other’s company. Fidelity is certainly a matter on which you both agree, and lays the foundations for a lasting relationship…
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This is uncannily accurate, however for someone who have a view on life that is "broad and idealistic; her aspirations elevated and noble", the career possibilities are a bit low impact. I would suggest adding higher impact jobs like, "politics (international relations, diplomacy), military, police, peace corps, intelligence, etc." especially with a name that means "warrior" and when you also describe that "injustice makes her absolutely furious". Also, I agree with the comment that it is a gender neutral name. Thanks for this description. It's pretty amazing how accurate it is otherwise. KELLY Kelly
Hate to break it to you but Kelly means Warrior and was a Male name long before they decided to use it as a Female name. At 6'4" and a proud father I have many guy friends as well as a Son named Kelly. It is (was) not a Girls name. Check your history. kelly Kelly
All I can say is WOW. This is way too accurate. 1. My birthday is 11/11/93 2. I am majoring in Psychology 3. The description matched my personality type to a t: according to MBTI - I am a personality type: INFJ.. and I am freaking out how it seriously matched everything. I called my bf to tell him about it and he looked his and it was accurate as well. I am definitely freaked out for sure. I thought it took information from my facebook or something, but since you all are saying the same thing about the number 11 and such I know it is not just me. WOW... o_________O KELLY Kelly
Yep. That's me. Quite accurate. And my birthday is the 11th:) kelly Kelly


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