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KAREN and HOLLY = Stormy!

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It would seem that you both have very similar characters! Two very sociable and extroverted individuals who spend quite a lot of time and energy “looking after number one”… Be prepared for frosty silences and fiery disputes… A stormy, yet passionate relationship could be envisaged if each of you makes an effort to accept the other’s behaviour. Two individuals who love to be centre stage are capable of having a harmonious relationship by taking it in turns to step back and grant the other person the space to express themselves...
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Last comments on KAREN or HOLLY

Comment Name Pseudo
This is so me except the part about the communication.Some ppl tend to tell me I ask to many questions or need to many details. LOL! But yes, so me. KAREN Karen
With the exception of about three things mentioned is me anything else was way off. So of what was said they had about 5 percent correct. Total malarkey as far as I am concerned. KAREN Karen
stromectol lisinopril 5mg tab amitriptyline generic for buspar buy glucophage prednisolone without tretinoin cream clomid for sale online KAREN LynetteLex
Ohhh WOW!!! THIS IS ME FROM START TO FINSH. But I can handle stress. karen Karen
Very accurate, with the exception of this part "communication can often be challenging for her" KAREN Karen


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