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KAPIL and JYOTI = ¡Wow!

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There is almost perfect harmony in this relationship. Everything just seems to work like clockwork. You are best friends and lovers at the same time. You are very giving and neither of you feels overpowered by the other. The more you get to know each other the more you say to yourselves that you made the right decision. Life would have difficulty separating you and this relationship will be very fulfilling, both as a couple and as individuals...
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Last comments on KAPIL or JYOTI

Comment Name Pseudo
Jyoti....I love you JYOTI Amarnath Singh
I love you...... jyoti I can not live without u...I miss u JYOTI Amarnath Singh
My lovely sweet wife JYOTI Amarnath Singh
Great 1, 100% true KAPIL Kapil singh sethi
Yes , 99 percent accurate , how did the writer know and is it based on numerology or something . KAPIL Kapil


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