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JOSH and EMMA = Excitement!

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This relationship could be described as torrid, to say the least. You find each other mutually appealing and are drawn to each other by an almost magnetic attraction. You are capable of spending long hours together not necessarily doing anything at all, because you feel so energised by the others presence. If you allow a strong bond to form between you and share your passions you can expect a happy relationship and a flame that will burn for a lifetime. Just be careful not to let jealousy creep in and poison your feelings for each other…
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.. This didn't help me find anything.. sadly enough.. the last one I found was spot on, but this? It.. didn't get it accurate. Apparently, I suffer from depression, and tend to get a bit rude a lot, .. Maybe I didn't read too much.. .. But I still think the other one did better. (,^ ,) EMMA Emma


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