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IAN and KELSIE = Serenity!

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Together, this should be plain sailing on the ocean of life. You are finely tuned in to one another and your relationship should thrive with the passing years. Being together seems to give you the strength to face life’s challenges. Try letting a little sensuality and playfulness into your relationship to add spice to the moments that you spend in each other’s company. Fidelity is certainly a matter on which you both agree, and lays the foundations for a lasting relationship…
Succes rate between IAN and KELSIE

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Last comments on IAN or KELSIE

Comment Name Pseudo
down ass chick who is willing to ride with you through the bullshit; but has no tolerance to put up with your or anybodys for that matters, bullshit. <3 KELSIE Shea
Ian Somerhalder....... Its about you, seducing with your attractiveness..... IAN Samra
thats racist. IAN Godzilla
AHHHHH,RUN! IT'S GODZIRRA!!!!!! IAN Random Japanese Man
im not going to turn into godzilla you are crazy IAN ian


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