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ETHAN and JULIA = Stormy!

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It would seem that you both have very similar characters! Two very sociable and extroverted individuals who spend quite a lot of time and energy “looking after number one”… Be prepared for frosty silences and fiery disputes… A stormy, yet passionate relationship could be envisaged if each of you makes an effort to accept the other’s behaviour. Two individuals who love to be centre stage are capable of having a harmonious relationship by taking it in turns to step back and grant the other person the space to express themselves...
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Last comments on ETHAN or JULIA

Comment Name Pseudo
I have big noggers JULIA Julia
totall not me JULIA Julia
Most of that is true except of the dream job thing because i dont like knives ???? JULIA Julia
I have an acquaintance named Julia- they got her mostly wrong. Yes, sensible. . . Passive. She doesn't complain a lot and is a peacemaker. She also loves books. . . Although perhaps the accent makes a difference, because her name doesn't have one. JULIA Pseudo
This is not me at all! JULIA Julia


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