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ERIC and GRACE = Challenging!

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This combination could be compared to mixing fire with water. They say that opposites attract but when people are this different it can be difficult to find enough common ground on which to build a relationship. The passion is there all right, although it quickly gives way to conflict. You never agree on anything and a dominant-submissive relationship could already be taking shape and this will only be amplified with time. It may be possible to establish some kind of stability however this would be to the detriment of he or she who is prepared to completely accept the other…
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Pimptastic!! ERIC Eric
My sis is named grace and I looked up what it meant.It is not even similar except for wanting in the fashion industry.At least my name search was correct. GRACE Alea
This is exactly right. I'm awesome! ERIC Eric
pretty awesome because this is all true about me and this really separates my horoscope from my family ERIC


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