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EMMANUEL and LOIS = Risky!

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Despite appearances, this relationship is less than perfectly harmonious when you are alone together. While initially your relationship could show a semblance of complicity, this is likely to disappear with time. You can reach dizzy heights when you experience a phase of understanding, however the moments of discord are far too abundant and create much turmoil for everyone concerned. When one of them is patient and thoughtful, the other is impulsive and could try to impose his or her view of things to a significant extent refusing to consider that they could be wrong, at the risk of leaving the relationship in ruins. There is therefore a very real danger of a troubled relationship, albeit peppered with passion. These two could pass the test of time if both parties make sure they don’t go too far...
Succes rate between EMMANUEL and LOIS

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this is lowkey accurate omg LOIS lois
Unbelivable. Absolutly right EMMANUEL Emmanuel
Strangely spot on... EMMANUEL Emmanuel
Perfect emmanuel Emmanuel


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