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DAVID and ANGIE = Confrontational!

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This relationship might not be an easy one! With such wilful and independent personalities, you could sometimes oppose each other in the way that you behave around other people. When one of you chooses to be reserved, the other could put on a display of exuberance, immediately creating a certain conflict. Others see you as a couple that doesn’t really get on or see eye-to-eye, however this perpetual opposition often conceals a very deep mutual love that could never be destroyed by your inability to put an end to your squabbles…
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Comment Name Pseudo
So accurate. Although my name is Dawit, which means David. DAVID Dawit
father of 5 david
ha ha david
Father to 4 boys. Probably 3 do a DNA lol DAVID David
I want this removed u aseholes its impacting on my life david David osbaldeston


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