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CLAYTON and DENISE = Complicity!

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This relationship is certainly best characterised by the strong bond that exists between the two of you. Passionate moments spent together only reinforce this closeness and amplify the feeling that you are right for one another. You understand each other from the first glance and share the same convictions. This relationship is sensual and involves long conversational exchanges. Beware of becoming too disconnected from the outside world by isolating yourselves…
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Last comments on CLAYTON or DENISE

Comment Name Pseudo
Literally more than half of everything on here is the exact opposite of me. Still was fun to see what the creators of this website said about the name. So, thank you! It was fun. denise Denise
Everything is completely accurate. Amazing. denise Denise
I am a wonderful person. Not a user. I guess every Denise and person is different. There are two sides to every story. denise Denise
...Leader? Independent? Interested in the social sciences? I'm a follower, I'm sponging off my mother, I'm interested in programming, and I hate talking to people. Good job. DENISE Denise
Yes your first name is so true of my friend. Except her name is not Denise but Lyndsey! DENISE Denise


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