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BETTY and CHRISTINE = Headache!

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He wants a honey who’s a little subdued, more than happy to indulge his every whim and only has eyes for him; she wants a guy with whom she can share her feminine ponderings and emotions while planning for the future. The evidence is clear, you are destined to fall out quite often because your priorities are different and so is your idea of a relationship. For this to work one of you would have to submit to the other person who would more or less impose his or her version of the relationship.
Succes rate between BETTY and CHRISTINE

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Comment Name Pseudo
Perfect Meaning :-follower of Christ All Christine?s are the same CHRISTINE Christine
I always loved the name Christine...there is something profoundly special about it in a humble beautiful way. CHRISTINE christine
Awesome! All of them is all alike to my personality love my name! CHRISTINE Christine
I'm in the process of changing my name to Christine Antonella! I'm so excited!!! christine Melody
Amazingly accurate! CHRISTINE Christine


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