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AHMAD and ANDREA = Sensual!

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This relationship is based on very powerful feelings. Sexually, you attribute as much importance to the other person's pleasure as to your own. Both of you know that by giving the best of yourselves, you are likely to receive even more in return. Your keywords are tenderness, affection and the other's satisfaction. On a day to day basis, you are very attentive towards your partner with whom you have much in common, and share the same values. You seek stability and security in a relationship and require mutual trust, while faithfulness is of fundamental importance.
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Last comments on AHMAD or ANDREA

Comment Name Pseudo
de faq ANDREA Andreaofcourse
Brain part yes, personality part really off... I crave knowdlege like i crave chocolate but shy is one thing i have never been and debating is such fun that conflict is more attractive than annoying... ANDREA Andrea
I don't have premonitions often, but all of this was pretty spot on. Interesting. ANDREA Andrea
Other than the stuff involvin religion, this has nailed my personality to a tee! ANDREA Andrea
This actually proves to be fairly accurate. Not as accurate as the name I would like to have though. ANDREA Andrea


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