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Meaning of name Ode  

Etymology : Medieval English form of Odo (see OTTO).


Saint :


Origin : Medieval English


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Gender : boy


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Who are they?


More or less introverted, at first Ode   and Dre   seem gentle, quiet and reserved. They aren´t particularly expressive and possess excellent self-control. They are nevertheless strong, secure, determined and reliable men, who were made to take on and assume responsibility. They are attractive while remaining simple and natural, although they can feel the need to please and be admired, somewhat image-conscious. Hard working and perfectionist, they are extremely conscientious and take their professional lives seriously. They are capable of leading, have great organizational skills and are much more at ease with creation than execution. Efficient, energetic and resourceful, they are ambitious and will progress in life slowly but very surely thanks to their commitment, discipline and perseverance. They don´t balk before the task at hand, and just like long-distance runners they know that the journey of a hundred miles begins with a single step. They are honest, honourable and conscientious men, who can be proud and who loathe mediocrity, depravity and superficiality. However, paradoxically they are capable of great patience where the important things of life are concerned, especially in the professional field where, by contrast, they can be abrupt and lack restraint for minor everyday things. But anger suits them so well! They are especially disciplined and determined, and are even inclined to be a little authoritarian. Once they have set their mind on something, they don´t give up easily, nor are they likely to be swayed. Rather conservative, Ode   and Dre   are efficient and composed with their feet firmly planted on the ground. They are quite possessive, in spite of their generous nature. As children, they are pleasant and rewarding boys who usually grow up without posing their parents any real problems, prove to be protective and responsible big brothers, and reveal themselves to be extremely disciplined in their school work...


What do they like?
Ode   and Dre   dream of love and harmony, and are on a quest for perfection. They seek peace and are prepared to make great conciliatory efforts to maintain pleasant relations with their family and friends, although their inflexible character can cause them to make hasty judgments... Where their love lives are concerned they can be particularly demanding because they need to be able admire and respect their partner, in whom they cannot accept weakness, and they can have difficulty choosing a mate who lives up to their ideal of perfection. However, they will probably find her in the end, because having children is important to them, and they make great fathers and reassuring husbands.


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What do they do?




The family environment could have an impact on their future career choices. Otherwise, they are likely to be attracted to the following occupations: in conjunction with the support of others (medico-social or justice), in conjunction with esthetics, art, design, decorating, dressmaking, hygiene, flowers or nature... the independent or management positions involving responsibility, in relation to taste such as cuisine and gastronomy, as well as real estate, comfort and occupations that require great attention to detail.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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