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Meaning of name Nicola  

Etymology : Italian form of NICHOLAS


Saint :


Origin : Italian


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Gender : boy


Country :


Numbers :

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Who are they?


These men appear to be calm, relaxed and reserved when in fact they are extremely nervous characters. They are secretive, distant and thoughtful which means they internalize a lot and are inclined to seek solitude, peace and quiet; but at the same time they are open to other people, altruistic and aspire to unity, collaboration and participation in vast social movements. Effectively, Nicola   and Malick often need others to feel stimulated and instinctively know that there is strength in unity. Men of reason and analysis, they seek to be concrete, objective and rational. Their critical mind is well developed but they are also quite intuitive, imaginative and incredibly sensitive; sometimes even inspired or possibly visionary. In any case, they are anything but ordinary - especially if they live the vibrations of their master number 11. Indeed, with such powerful influences, they are capable of transformation and evolution on an extraordinary scale. They initially tend to live under the influence of the number 2 (an octave below the 11), and are therefore more fragile, dependent on their affective environment, tractable, timorous and highly emotional... But later on, and if life allows them to live up to the elevated vibrations of the 11, they will have a certain ascendancy over others and an exciting destiny, standing out from the crowd and making their mark on the world. They could be exceptional artists, famous political figures or enlightened humanists... However things won´t always be plain sailing since their nervous equilibrium can be quite unstable and if they feel that they are unable to accomplish their goals they could be tempted to take refuge in their imagination and settle for building castles in the sky... On the same note, as children they will need to be showered with love and affection, encouraged to actively participate in group activities and make the most of their artistic talents, otherwise they could be inclined to lock themselves away in their ivory tower, a pathetic waste of the brilliant potential that they were born with.


What do they like?
Nicola   and Malick´s inner lives are incredibly rich and they could be tempted by a life of contemplation where they would happily pass the time alone with themselves studying and meditating in order to acquire a certain level of wisdom, in search of profound truth. They could take an interest in magic, the weird and wonderful, spirituality, music, art or parapsychology. When it comes to love, they are tender and affectionate but could conceal their sensitive nature behind a somewhat sarcastic attitude. Capable of grand gestures, they seek a soul mate with whom they could share everything in perfect spiritual and sensual symbiosis. The fact that they are characterized by the karmic 2/11 could make relationships a little complicated because they are terribly demanding, even though they are convinced that they already make a lot of effort!...


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What do they do?




When it comes to choosing a career, Nicola   and Malick are likely to be attracted to the following orientations, depending on their age (in effect, achievement on a large scale is made possible by the presence of their master number which only comes into play on reaching maturity): artistic professions, occupations directly related to the human being (the medical, paramedical and social fields, psychology and law...), in connection with avant-garde, fashion, the public, broadcasting, foreign countries or travel; a career in politics or a technical (electronics, information technology...) or research related profession. And last, but by no means least, their acute intuition combined with their analytical mind could be a real recipe for invention!



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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The last comments about "Nicola  "

Comment Pseudo Date
I knew a Nicola once he was a handsome romantic charismatic Italian. It was the best holiday of my life wink wink xx Lauren 2013-08-01
I knew a Nicola she was a bit of a evil bitch they all are but we were good mates still are I guess but I wouldn't trust her. Georgia 2013-08-01
I know a girl called Nicola. She was a loner. Ended up with an ugly older man think he was called Ian or Brian or something. She's from a rough embarrassing area and is ashamed of where she comes from. Inbreds live in that area everyone is related. Teesside area. Her family have a gene where they are horrible people her gay uncle and sister especially had it. She's done quite well for herself now a headteacher or overpaid babysitter as its a primary school. I was in her year at school and she had no real mates she was just a horrible person. Don't think she has kids hope she hasn't because she would be a crap mum. She was groomed by this bloke apparently god he was like nearly 25 and she was 15 its just wrong. I bet she lives a shallow materialistic pointless life. Anyway just my thoughts on a Nicola I once knew. hahaha 2013-07-24

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