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Meaning of name Nataniel  

Etymology : Variant of NATANAEL


Saint :


Origin : Spanish


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Gender : boy


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Who is he?


Nataniel   is an energetic and determined man. He wants to be in the driving seat where his destiny is concerned, but he would also quite like to be in charge and set an example for others, as he believes that he is irreproachable. He is disciplined with very high standards while he cannot tolerate mediocrity or superficiality. His strengths are definitely his courage and determination, his rather impressive natural authority and talent for organization as well as his integrity, stamina, stability and strong sense of justice... On the other hand, his weaknesses are the foibles of his qualities, that is to say: authoritarianism and a very strict moral code which inevitably results in inflexibility, sectarianism and intolerance. He also has an annoying habit of poking his nose into other peoples´ business; but remember, it´s only because he thinks he´s doing the right thing. Worse still, he tends to want to impose his point of view - but once again, this is undoubtedly because he considers that he is the only one who´s got it "right"... He is an ambitious soul who has every chance of living in harmony with the vibrations of his master number 22 since it is accompanied by two other influences which are equally conducive to responsibility... Thanks to his strong personality, Nataniel   could rise to dizzy heights of power and influence; however this won´t be without certain risks and renunciations. Fanaticism and a blinkered view, grandiose delusions as well as psychological or nervous disorders are all dangers that threaten to rain on his parade... As a child, he is already sensible, responsible, hardworking and heavily influenced by his family environment. It would be wise to encourage him to be more tolerant of others (by « providing » him with siblings, for example); allowing him to express his sensitive nature, which he tends to suppress, and by favouring an artistic hobby.


What does he like?
Nataniel   seeks the admiration and respect of others, more often on an intellectual level than a purely physical basis - he wants to be a role model for others and is often afraid of being misunderstood or unfavourably judged. He is viscerally attached to justice and equity, the abuse of which can make him beside himself with rage in spite of the fact that he is normally a rather peaceable person. In matters of the heart he is far from easy to please - in fact, to do so one would have to be perfection embodied as a woman: beautiful, dignified, faithful and a terrific housewife... because he is an obsessively fussy perfectionist whose standards are incredibly high where order, tidiness and cleanliness are concerned...


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What does he do?




Nataniel   could aspire to constantly and progressively advance in life; however he isn´t opposed to undertaking a lengthy program of study. He could access positions involving great responsibility; in the civil service, for example (management, executive management...) or of a political bearing... if he is able to live in harmony with the vibrations of his master number 22. He could otherwise choose one of the liberal professions, those in relation with the medical field and occasionally the artistic domains; as well as occupations in connection with the natural sciences (mathematics, management, economy, chemistry, physics, dietetics...) or with ecology and the earth.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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