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Meaning of name Nandita  

Etymology : Means "happy" in Sanskrit.


Saint :


Origin : Indian


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Gender : girl


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Who is she?


Immensely likeable, charming and conciliatory; she is also energetic, courageous and fiercely determined. Extremely sensitive and emotional by nature, she could experience fluctuating moods and a certain amount of nervous tension... Nandita   is capable of living in harmony with the vibrations of her master number 11, which endow her with tremendous physical and moral strength. Her view on life would therefore be broad and idealistic; her aspirations elevated and noble... (especially if she was born on an 11th or 29th, in November, or when the sun was in in Aquarius). However, most of the time she lives this number an octave below, revealing herself to be fragile, impressionable and suggestible with her head in the clouds. She could oscillate between these two energies during the first part of her life, since the master number is only fully expressed on reaching maturity. Nandita   is honest, frank and direct; she doesn´t see the point in beating around the bush and loathes pretentiousness with a passion while injustice which makes her absolutely furious. Indeed, even though she is usually all smiles, sweetness and light, she is nevertheless capable of violent rage if you rub her up the wrong way. She can be very talkative and spontaneous, lively and quick as a flash; and although she remains essentially altruistic with a great love for humanity, she is not completely indifferent to the material realm and could sometimes be sensitive to external symbols of wealth. She likes to take care of her appearance and could have a penchant for precious stones or beautiful clothes. As a little girl, a bubbly and mischievous ray of sunshine, she is vivacity personified! She has plenty of energy and is a real chatterbox who isn´t afraid to speak her mind. She can be possessive and requires plenty of reassurance, love and affection because she is highly receptive to her environment. Stories, legends and fairy-tales certainly fascinate her, but she also craves action and the company of others!


What does she like?
Nandita   likes to make others happy and maintain harmonious relationships with those around her. She enjoys communicating and exchanging within a group that she animates with warmth, generosity, a sense of humour and a critical mind. She has a profound sense of friendship and loves to be able to help others. Furthermore, she is clever, adaptable, resourceful and possibly even opportunistic. If she lives in harmony with the vibrations of her 11, she will inevitably be attracted to altruistic activities. When it comes to love, she is often rather too idealistic and tends to see her loved one through a veil of illusion, which can obviously sometimes result in disappointment when it falls away... She could initially live her life in a seemingly dependent manner - apparently flexible, submissive and passive; however, this is not her real nature, because she is in fact quite authoritarian! She will let her man be the boss for a while, but sooner or later she will reclaim control of her destiny.


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What does she do?




There are several different possibilities, and Nandita   could find satisfaction through a career in connection with children or the support and care of others (teacher, psychologist, nursery nurse, child-minder, counsellor, social worker, nurse...), involving expression and communication (sales and marketing, secretary, interpreter, public relations...), or related to business, finance or management..., Finally, if she is able to access the energies of the 11, activities with a humanitarian objective are wide open to her and she could accomplish great things in her lifetime...



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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The last comments about "Nandita  "

Comment Pseudo Date
Roshabghh 2017-08-22
This is astoundingly accurate >.< Nandhita 2017-07-22
really its true explaination ....there is something unique in my name.....!!!!!!!!!! 2017-01-25
i love my name and my nick name is nandu nandita 2016-08-07
Its unbelievable .. Its literally true means everything Nandita 2016-05-16
All Real to me , absolutely what i m a NANDITA Nandita 2016-04-01
Very Accurate :) Nandita 2016-02-21
oh. it explains exactly what i am. thank you for explaining me in even better way I could have done. Nandita 2016-02-04
My name is Nandita and exactly my nature is narrated in the write up. So true. Nandita 2015-12-23
OMG so correct and i have heaps of nicknames, nandy & nanny included! Nandita 2015-11-29

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