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Meaning of name Muirín  

Etymology : Modern form of MUIRGEN


Saint :


Origin : Irish


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Gender : girl


Country :


Numbers :

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Who is she?


The significance of the number 1 confers Muirín   an assertive, independent, energetic and happy go lucky character. She likes to be in the driving seat where her life is concerned, and this can just as easily apply to other peoples´ lives as well... Somewhat self-conscious, she is disciplined with high expectations for herself, and she aspires to be an example to others. She is naturally frank, honest and loyal, however modesty isn´t really her strong point. She has a tendency to adopt a disdainful, pretentious and even arrogant attitude, especially when she finds her surroundings to be less than desirable. Although she possesses great inner strength making her assertive and independent, and is unarguably charming and generous, Muirín   is also rather self-absorbed. She can´t tolerate failure and can be quite touchy. Even as a child, she knows what she´s worth... Proud and conceited, she wants to boss everyone around, starting with her parents! And if that doesn´t go the way she plans, she is quite capable of throwing a tantrum in an attempt to regain control. Even though it´s true that she can be jealous and possessive, she would benefit from being the eldest child of the family because this will allow her to exercise her (occasionally tyrannical) authority and learn about responsibility at the same time. To be the only child in a family wouldn´t be the best scenario for this haughty young lady who tends to think that the whole world revolves around her! On the same note, taking part in group activities could be very helpful in teaching her how to relate with others, to cooperate, to consider their feelings and see that they are people just like her. An appropriate activity could be the theatre, a fitting choice for the girl for whom life is a stage and she is the star of the show. Dance classes could equally satisfy her craving for beauty and harmony.


What does she like?
Being in charge and having the respect of those she commands seems to be essential for her development. She almost physically needs to be liked, loved, admired and desired. She is at home in a crowd and likes to be seen in public. Kind and considerate, once she has integrated the lesson that her numbers have to teach her and transcended her flaws she could be drawn to charity work which would further help to keep her ego under control! On the emotional front, her strong personality, a little high handed but also fair, conceals a true romantic, affectionate and tender... Her ideal partner should be flexible, but not submissive, because she needs a man she can admire. His career is likely to be important to her, however she isn´t particularly well suited to a stay-at-home role. Even so, she´s the perfect hostess and knows how to throw a party, which she does in style because she loves to show off her talents, which she considers exemplary. As a mother she will probably be stern, but fair.


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What does she do?




She is likely to work in one of the independent, liberal professions holding a position of responsibility, or perhaps in one of the creative and original occupations (art, design, fashion), she could equally choose a career enabling her to be in contact with the public (receptionist, teacher, actress...) or in connection with the media and communications (audio-visual, journalism), or she could be drawn to occupations that touch the finer things in life, and luxury (jewellery, clothing, perfume, furs) could also be appropriate; unless of course the conditions of her birth or her husband´s wealth allow her to concentrate on being the perfect hostess whose dinner parties are the talk of the town, and later on, the perfect mother.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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