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Meaning of name Mridula  

Etymology : Means "soft" in Sanskrit.


Saint :


Origin : Indian


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Gender : girl


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Who is she?


Mridula   is a woman who tends to play second fiddle: secretive, reserved, wary and cautious, she keeps her feelings and emotions on a short leash because she likes to keep a cool head. There are two contradictory or complementary tendencies present; the first could correspond to the first part of her life and is likely to result in a certain suppression of her emotions (inhibitions and more or less powerful moral prohibition). Mridula   could therefore appear somewhat cold or unfeeling, revealing herself to be determined and hardworking, she prefers to base her decisions on rational thought processes and always keeps one foot on solid ground. Later on, as she approaches maturity, Mridula   could start experiencing the influence of her master number; getting involved with large scale projects, those concerned with the collective and international domains as well as anything to do with business or broadcasting. There will be considerable opportunities for success, although this goes hand in hand with a high level of nervous tension. Depending on her chosen path, she could leave her mark on the world in one way or another; combining strength, rigour, determination and an above-average capacity for effort and action. She will have to choose between a fairly extraordinary life where nothing will be achieved without hard work - sometimes to the detriment of her personal life; and a more anonymous existence, less ambitious and perhaps rather unexciting at times, but which promises to be calm and peaceful most of the time. This duality could be particularly difficult to live with, especially if she is unable to live up to the high aspirations of her master number which gives her an ascendancy over others... Whatever she decides, Mridula   will favour her professional life, revealing herself to be a real « eager beaver », with an eye for detail that can occasionally threaten to consume her, a very strict attitude and a moral code that verges on narrow-mindedness, as well as rigidity and pettiness at times. As a child, her parents should encourage her sense of work, order and organization while nudging her to develop her artistic abilities and communication skills, in order to avoid her taking herself too seriously. It would also be a very good idea to get her to participate in group activities as this would help her become a more sociable person and teach her the notions of sharing and consideration for others.


What does she like?
Mridula   enjoys the company of others, sharing and communicating, however she may sometimes impose certain limits upon her externalization. While she is certainly very talkative, she never really exposes her deepest feelings. In order to make the most of her extroversion she could choose a creative or artistic occupation or something connected with any kind of communication, since her social sense is strictly tied in with her professional life. Where her personal life is concerned, one must be able to figure her out, make her laugh, move her and gain her trust - otherwise she could do a pirouette of self-protection and become taciturn and withdrawn. Once you have won her over, she will be a faithful partner who has an acute sense of duty, however she could perhaps be accused of being cold or distant. But this apparent insensitivity is nothing more than a self-preservative attitude that she has a habit of employing, through fear of letting herself go to happiness only to suffer later on.


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What does she do?




Since she is such a dichotomy, she can sometimes be found in the role of housewife although she probably won´t be thrilled with the situation. She could choose a career that promises security and stability or one that requires reflection and accuracy (accounting, banking, craft industry, economy, dressmaking, chemistry...), or involving communication and teaching. If she is able to live in harmony with her master number, she could encounter success through a career as a public figure, possibly of international bearing: architect, politician, executive manager, business woman, university lecturer or journalist as well as anything related to the press, publishing, radio, television and the media in general.



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It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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