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Meaning of name Montgomery  

Etymology : From an English surname meaning "GUMARICH's mountain" in Norman French


Saint :


Origin : English


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Gender : boy


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Who is he?


Montgomery   is brimming over with personality, and he doesn´t care who knows about it (expressed number 22 = master number). He is not without a certain charisma, which makes him quite irresistible to the opposite sex: sociable, charming and a bit of a ladies man, he is indeed pleasant company. But if he´s got you fooled that he´s boyish and sweet, you would do well to remember that Montgomery   is deeply determined and knows exactly what he wants. What´s more, he has such an enchanting smile that he usually manages to get it, especially because he can be very cunning, possesses incredible powers of persuasion, and isn´t short of ideas. Furthermore, aloof and conceited, he considers that he is "not just anybody"... He is independent and original, thanks to the influence of the strange combination of 3 and 4 (of 22), and these antagonistic numbers push him to seek facility, fun times and pleasure, never losing sight of the notions of work and performance that his pride obliges! His ideal career would therefore need to encompass the attraction of pleasure. Indeed, despite his light-hearted and even superficial attitude in certain areas, he is just as capable of efficiency and dedication in others; the key word here is definitely motivation. If he can live his often grandiose aspirations under the influence of 22, he could express himself fully like his predecessor King David... As a child, he is bright, intelligent and subtle with an original sense of humor; however his will to win is already palpable and could be the cause of some minor power struggles. He can be a bad loser, although he will only be trying to save face. His parents may need to help him lighten up and develop his sense of fun, as well as impart the value of friendship, because he can be rather egocentric and arrogant. It would also be a good idea for him to find a hobby that he can enjoy on a regular basis.


What does he like?
First and foremost, he likes to be admired. He also likes to charm, to express himself and to dominate. A bit of a bully, he wants to be the boss and this town isn´t big enough etc... He loves beauty and harmony, and could be an aesthete who is interested in art and creativity in general. In matters of the heart, his incredible charm has the potential to wreak havoc, leaving a trail of broken hearts behind him! A smooth-talker, he´s got the know-how and demonstrates impressive self-control.


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What does he do?




Montgomery  , who has several strings to his bow, equally has multiple career options, although his day of birth could have significant implications. If he was born on a 1st, 10th, 19th, 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th, he is more likely to be attracted to the creative professions (esthetics, art and fashion ...) or those in connection with literature (journalism, teaching or publishing...); If he was born on a 4, 13, 22, 31, 7, 16 or 25, he is more likely to be drawn to the natural sciences. In any case, his professional performance tends to be proportional to the amount of passion he feels about his chosen career, and he will advance slowly, but very surely, proving himself to be highly adaptable, knowledgeable and patient: he is a master craftsman and a builder, possibly with outstanding potential.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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