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Meaning of name Miska  

Etymology : Diminutive of MIHáLY or MIKAEL


Saint :


Origin : Hungarian


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Gender : boy


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Who is he?


Miska   is a man of considerable power and strength, which most of the time he employs in his work. Although he is actually a very sensitive and emotional soul, this isn´t the first impression that one might have on meeting him. Indeed, he possesses such self-mastery that he generally appears to be more rough and ready or abrupt than he really is; such is the effect of his combination of shyness, lack of spontaneity, reserve and natural modesty. His greatest strength is most definitely his ability to steadfastly follow his path, like the sturdy goat who slowly but very surely climbs the mountainside towards the peak with the help of his uniquely designed hoofs - incidentally, his astrological sign is often Capricorn. He is not a particularly impressive man, and this is definitely not the effect that he wishes to produce on others. He prefers to keep himself to himself and believes this to be the best way to ensure a happy and stress-free existence. Miska   may be rather slow, but he is a very determined character who knows exactly where he wants to be, and it doesn´t matter if it takes him years to get there because he knows that will reach his destination... Calm and thoughtful, he is cautious and rather wary; and since he has a habit of supressing his emotions, an insult or injury can hit him hard. Because he also supresses his anger, if he is wronged he will ruminate and could become bitter and resentful; but one thing´s for certain, he will never forget. He is a very humane person, and if he can live at the elevated vibrations of his master number 22, he could accomplish great things in his lifetime. Remember, Miska   might not draw attention to himself but his will and determination are unshakeable, which confers him with exceptional potential. As a child, Miska   must accept his reserved, unhurried nature and self-protective attitude because they are a part of him and also qualities that will serve him well in life. Parents, there´s no need to get on his case because he is responsible young man who can be trusted to use his judgement wisely. When it comes to his studies, he prefers the scientific subjects, where his rational mind feels most at ease. He works at his own pace, and his tendency to take his time could occasionally result in « average » school marks in an educational system that is based on performance, but this will in no way prevent him from succeeding in life - quite the contrary, in fact.


What does he like?
Miska   values freedom above all else, and is glad to be an integral part of a world in which he feels that he fully participates. He aspires to ascension and conquest while difficulty and even failure spur him on. He enjoys physical exercise, but is more of a long distance runner than a sprinter. He loves the earth, nature and animals; for whom he has a lot of patience and compassion. In love, he is sensual, affectionate and tender; and although he can have trouble resisting temptation, he tends to be faithful when in a relationship. He makes a stable and protective partner, who can be a little shy and doesn´t always know how to express his feelings...


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What does he do?




He has eclectic tastes and interests and is likely to work in several different domains, according to his evolving objectives. He could therefore choose a career in politics or in connection with the land, property, architecture, international affairs or one of the exact sciences, engineer or accountant...



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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