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Meaning of name Miracle  

Etymology : From the English word miracle for an extraordinary event, ultimately deriving from Latin miraculum "wonder, marvel".


Saint :


Origin : English (Modern)


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Gender : girl


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Who is she?


She has a strong, magnetic personality and possesses a natural authority, and other qualities that are more readily attributed to men than women: she is ambitious, assertive, courageous, energetic and highly adaptable and knows exactly how to seize an opportunity when it comes her way. She is down to earth, practical and rather materialistic. Of particularly impatient nature, Miracle   is fast and efficient, but lacking in tolerance which could make her seem hard or even brutal. She is inclined to be argumentative, with a touch of stubbornness and even bad faith, one thing´s for sure: she´s got character! As a child, she will need constant and firm but fair discipline (fortunately, she is usually responsible, well-balanced and aware of her actions), otherwise she could be the one setting the rules! Her freedom is sacred and this should be taken into account when allotting responsibilities, even if her impulsiveness gives you the shivers, because this haughty and uncompromising young lady is capable of flying off the handle if she feels that she is being taken advantage of and could easily become rebellious. Her parents would be wise to help build her self-esteem since she can be thin-skinned and jealous, although it is recommended to approach this with humor. She will need lots of exercise to allow her to work off her gigantic supply of excess energy, and lastly, the birds and the bees will need explaining as early on as possible, because love will be on her mind from the moment she rides her first bicycle!


What does she like?
Miracle   enjoys winning, being admired and desired, and expressing herself, at which she excels! Furthermore, she is a gourmand and a sensualist, Epicurean in a word, and she certainly knows how to appreciate the good things in life. She seems to enjoy confrontation, risk and adventure, and although she is often lucky, she isn´t immune to accidents or injuries. Where her romantic life is concerned, she is usually the one to choose her mate, and she won´t hesitate to take the first step if necessary. If she is in a relationship, her freedom must be preserved at all costs, while paradoxically, she is capable of transforming into a jealous monster if her partner dares to glance in another woman´s direction! Make no mistake, gentlemen: she´s the one who´ll be wearing the trousers!


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What does she do?




Professional accomplishment is paramount for Miracle  , with the influence of her active number 35, which is dynamic and an indication of material success. She will probably insist on her own career, unless she can somehow live her ambition through the intermediary of her partner. She is likely to be attracted to a profession connected to the world of business (finance, management, economy, banking, accounting...), related to trade or travel, or with a certain power (law enforcement, medicine...), or in connection with any form of communication or expression, and foreign languages.



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It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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