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Meaning of name Milla  

Etymology : Short form of CAMILLA and other names that end in milla.


Saint :


Origin : Scandinavian


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Gender : girl


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Who is she?


Emotional and affective, Milla   possesses a certain magnetism. Feelings occupy a large space in her life, to the extent where more often than not she makes her decisions with her heart rather than her head. She is only truly happy when she has somebody to love or feels passionately about something - or if she feels that she is useful to others. Shy, tender and reserved, she isn´t really comfortable with blowing her own trumpet. Extremely attentive to others, friendly, sociable and conciliatory, she is all smiles and grace. She makes a remarkable friend who is an expert at making one feel better, since she always manages to find the right words to say. Milla   is an intuitive lady who is subtle, tactful and diplomatic; she aspires to peace, and seeks harmony above all. Nevertheless, don´t be fooled by her gentle and submissive appearance, because Milla   is capable of transforming into a real tigress if she witnesses baseness, aggression or deceit - character traits that she detests most of all. Her emotional nature undoubtedly causes her amplify situations, which could result in her being rather quick-tempered. Milla   is a direct and frank woman who appreciates clarity and sincerity. She is active, courageous and resourceful - and recognizes an opportunity when she sees one. Indeed, she has a firm grasp of material reality and reveals herself to be perfectly apt to assume responsibility, in both a personal and professional context. She is devoted to those she loves and takes great pleasure in helping others, which satisfies both her altruistic nature and her need to take charge. While she is tolerant and accommodating, she is also rather stubborn and tends to think that she is always right, which can often result in her imposing her views upon others. An iron fist in a velvet glove, meet Milla  : a woman with a smile that could melt the coldest of hearts... As a child, she is an affectionate and endearing little girl. She loves cuddles and is very demonstrative, just as long as she feels that she is loved. Highly receptive to the family atmosphere, she is eager to please and always happy to help. On the other hand, she loathes iniquity and is likely to react quite violently to flagrant injustice. Sensible and responsible from a very tender age, she would make a terrific big sister, attentive and caring with her younger charges.


What does she like?
She appreciates peace and harmony, and is prepared to make great personal effort to ensure that her environment remains that way and that those around her are as happy as possible. A very emotional and sensitive lady, her own happiness greatly depends on her having a family of her own, or at the very least, having love in her life - in one form or another. She is conscientious and a perfectionist who is quite capable of forgetting about her own needs and desires for those she loves, and makes an exemplary wife and mother. Milla   is nevertheless demanding and could naturally feel a certain amount of bitterness when she realizes that she gives much and receives little... But could she be the one who is at fault? Is she actually even open to such an exchange?


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What does she do?




Her affective life and the success of her relationship take precedent over any professional ambitions she may have. Her career choice is likely to be influenced by her family and loved ones; however, she will be particularly attracted to occupations involving the giving of advice or the care of others, particularly in the medico-social domain or in connection with children (midwifery, children´s nursing, teaching, psychology...), one of the artistic occupations, those in connection with esthetics, or possibly money (finance, banking).



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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