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Meaning of name Mercedes  

Etymology : Means "mercies" (that is, the plural of mercy), from the Spanish title of the Virgin Mary, María de las Mercedes, meaning "Mary of Mercies"


Saint :


Origin : Spanish


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Gender : girl


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Who are they?


Emotionality, sensitivity, intuition, receptivity, charm and sensuality, the eternal feminine in all its glory! Furthermore, Eddie   and Mercedes   are not devoid of charm or seduction... Although they may appear shallow and fickle, they are in fact idealistic, even utopian, and seek meaning in their lives in order to feel that they fully exist. The search for such meaning could take them in several different directions, through social groups, with a humanist, political, artistic, spiritual or ideological agenda. If they don´t happen to find their niche this way, they could be tempted to live out their ideals through an extravagant and fantastical life spent chasing rainbows, or by seeking refuge in a fool´s paradise. It´s true that they constantly crave new experiences, need to experience strong emotions and could never be satisfied with a routine, mundane existence. Whimsical and bohemian, life seems to only be worth living if it resembles a theatre production, and they are often disappointed when this is not the case, at the mercy of a certain emotional imbalance. Even so, they are much better suited to happiness and an easy life than adversity. Shrewd and of razor sharp intelligence - often tinged with humor - they thoroughly enjoy the verbal sparring matches at which they excel. As children they tend to be emotionally fragile and heavily influenced by other members of their family, eager to please even if this includes self-sacrifice. Inquisitive and into everything, they can also be quite unpredictable. It is highly recommended to encourage these talented young ladies to practice an artistic hobby: singing, music or dance for example, and to give them a taste for a foreign language.


What do they like?
Leprenom2 and Mercedes   are eager to please and like to be in other peoples´ "good books". They aspire to beauty, art and harmony, require a peaceful environment and can´t stand conflict or violence. In their romantic lives, they lack clarity and their expectations are so high that one man would have trouble measuring up! Their enthusiasm can disappear just as quickly as their illusions... Unless of course, they hesitate forever (karmic 6) ... The choice is often a difficult one, if not impossible... On the other hand, they are full of fresh energy and imagination and they would be prepared to do anything for the one they love...


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What do they do?




As far as they are concerned, the most important thing in life is love, and the professional sphere can take a back seat - unless they happen to discover their true calling. Occupations that could be suitable include the humanitarian or social fields (medical, paramedical, law, justice and education...), artistic professions, in conjunction with esthetics, occupations focusing on oral or written expression, or contact with the public (presenter, journalist), occupations related to travel and foreign travel, more unusual or marginal occupations (abstract occupations, night clubs and bars, night or seasonal work...).



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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