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Meaning of name Megan  

Etymology : Welsh diminutive of MARGARET


Saint :


Origin : Welsh


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Gender : girl


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Who is she?


Megan   is a woman who often seems to be quite out of reach and this may be due to her natural reserve and aloof manner. In any case, Megan   doesn´t leave a neutral impression on those she meets and her distant and apparently disdainful demeanour is certainly a factor in making her appear enigmatic. Introspective and very introverted, Megan   tends to retreat into her ivory tower if life disappoints her, daydreams often bringing her the comfort that reality is unable to provide. Indeed, she is an inspired, sensitive and emotional soul who isn´t cut out for struggle or hardship and is allergic to stress. Rather possessive and overbearing, Megan   is like the ant in the well-known fable: quite fond of material wealth and reluctant to lend or share her assets. She is something of an «outsider», perhaps because she is fiercely independent and stands out through her originality (be it an intellectual distinction or in the way she dresses), or because she isolates herself from others throgh her unceremonious and curt attitude. So yes, Megan   is a particularly disconcerting and elusive female: communication can often be challenging for her, so she prefers to remain taciturn, half hoping that others will read her mind, often followed by disappointment when this results in her feeling misunderstood. However deep down, she is actually extremely determined and strong-willed! It is true that she can occasionally give in to laziness, putting off until tomorrow that which she could easily do today... But with the karmic 4, all extremes are possible, and Megan   is just as likely to invest herself in her work (notably if she was born in April or on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st, or if she has a life Path Number of 4) as to choose an easier life focusing on her home, family and personal relationships. As a child, it is necessary to provide constant motivation and encouragement in order to avoid her becoming withdrawn. Her clever and practical mind would benefit from manual or esthetic activities such as pottery, drawing or sewing, because Megan   tends to be a perfectionist who is meticulous in all that she does.


What does she like?
Megan   is a very sentimental creature who dreams of a cosy home and a heart that will keep her warm for a lifetime, and her priorities in life are to love and to be loved in return. Her natural inclination is to beauty and harmony, which is why she appreciates beautiful objects, elegant clothes and comfort. Gentlemen, be forewarned that Megan   is likely to have difficulty choosing a partner (karmic 6) and when she does, she may still find plenty of reasons to be unsatisfied. It´s actually quite straightforward: she simply expects her Prince Charming to be handsome, wealthy, intelligent, courteous, conciliatory and in possession of a certain gift for psychology...


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What does she do?




When it comes to professional commitment, Megan   could be hesitant and allow herself to be influenced by her family environment (or she may actually step into the professional shoes of one of her parents). However, if she is able to choose she could be tempted by the artistic or esthetic domains (decoration, painting, drawing, hairdressing and floral art), where precision or thoroughness are prerequisite; occupations connected with the earth, nature or animals, or those of an avant-garde nature, most likely related to fashion or possibly the latest technology (information technology...), otherwise, she could choose an activity concerned with the care and support of others that would enable her to make the most of her psychological talents.



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It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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This describes me so well. I wish there were words to describe how shocked I am that this was actually true! Megan 2018-01-31
Fart Idk 2016-02-19
This is literally just like me. Megan 2015-10-13
hahahahahah megan 2015-08-25
The part about marriage was interesting as I finally found a partner who possessed all of the qualities listed in that sentence many years after searching for him. Megan 2015-03-29
Describes surprisingly well. Megan 2015-01-06
Hey this does desribe me! megan 2014-04-24
ses mamadou yeahh yeah go like my page on facebook mamadou 2014-04-10
agigi agigi agigi singa la to fjt njhg ohhh I need to poop ohohoho this stink agigi 2014-04-10
agigi a;dfn xjrj dio tvr bklg r fgn bjefj nvjg mjnvrtlk4 ng cxn ncvbbgfncbj gh agigi hfhfr 2014-04-10

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