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Meaning of name Marzul

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Origin : Spanish


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Gender : girl


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Who is she?


Two master numbers indicate that Marzul is a strong character who is deeply humane and altruistic, as well as acutely sensitive and extraordinarily intuitive. These elevated vibrations drive her to advocate a better world and help the most underprivileged souls on this planet. Material contingencies are not her area of predilection, however she is capable of great inspiration and creativity... However, these powerful vibrations cannot always be lived at such a high octave, and are often experienced at a more simple level; in which case Marzul will make do with building castles in the sky, combining hypersensitivity and emotional fragility with dependence; suggestibility and selflessness with a more passive nature. Her nervous equilibrium can sometimes be fragile because her high aspirations and ideals are poorly adapted to everyday reality. As a little girl, Marzul is adorable and very endearing, eager to please and particularly receptive to the atmosphere at home. It only takes an upheaval or dissension to knock her off kilter, and no longer able to live fully in the present she could become withdrawn, lost in her inner world of daydreams. It is therefore strongly recommended for her parents to encourage her to become autonomous from an early age.


What does she like?
Marzul cultivates her ideology, which includes noble humanitarian and altruistic values. Her remarkable inner strength allows her to take an interest in social and associative movements, the social sciences, spirituality and the occult. If she commits herself to one of these areas of predilection she should beware of the dangers of dogmatism and fanaticism... She is willing to collaborate and cooperate with others with a completely open mind and unshakeable faith. When it comes to love, she´s a sentimental and romantic soul who tends to idealize her sweetheart by putting him on a pedestal, with the risk of disappointment that this entails... She is quite feminine and motherhood is likely to bring her great fulfilment, however she will undoubtedly need to continue her personal development and contribute to humanity in other ways other than through her role as a parent. Affective values are fundamental, as far as she is concerned; however the purely concrete and material domain is far from being her forte...


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What does she do?




With 47 as her active number, Marzul has a real chance to achieve tremendous success, and her royal roads tend to be those of a social or artistic orientation. She could therefore choose a career as a teacher, psychologist, sociologist, counsellor, social worker, children´s nurse, midwife or devoted secretary..., artist, musician..., astrologist, graphologist or medium... religion could be of interest to her as could any occupation of a philanthropic or voluntary nature, or even a career in politics. Of course, she could simply decide to dedicate herself to her family and would make a loving and attentive mother.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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