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Meaning of name Margot  

Etymology : French short form of MARGARET


Saint :


Origin : French


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Gender : girl


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Numbers :

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Who is she?


With two master numbers in her first name, there is no doubt that Margot   is what one might refer to as «quite a character». Secretive and mysterious, she is an independent soul who frequently craves solitude (especially if she lives with her family) which is necessary in order to recharge her batteries and get her thoughts in order. She appears reserved because she is shy, cautious and wary but at the same time she emanates an air of strength. She doesn´t make friends easily, however once she decides to invest herself in friendship it is for life, and with her strong sense of duty she can definitely always be counted on. She is a highly sensitive woman, but she manages to conceal this quality perfectly behind a mask of calm poise which she seldom removes. Nevertheless, intense emotional arousal can occasionally result in outbursts of anger or passion. Subtle and shrewd, her intuitive abilities are more finely tuned than the average person´s as is her sense of analysis. For these reasons, Margot  ´s close friends greatly appreciate her superb listening skills and her gift for giving advice. If the socio-cultural or familial environment is favourable for her to live in harmony with the vibrations of the 11 and the 22, Margot   will possess incredible self-mastery, intense creativity, determination and a strong mind with a desire to create on a large scale. She will hold high aspirations and her acute intuition coupled with a considerable capacity for work will take her onto less-travelled roads that will lead to success. Otherwise, she is capable of living her ambition through the intermediary of her partner, to whom she will provide counsel and support and with whom she will identify herself. If life lets her down in some way she is capable of taking refuge in daydreams that are more or less fanciful and unrealistic, thereby living her vibrations at the level of the 2 and 4, seeking support, reassurance and security first and foremost. As a child, Margot   is a hypersensitive and highly receptive little girl who cannot tolerate a hostile or violent environment. She requires calm, tenderness and affection so that she can continue peacefully building castles in the sky. Rather shy, she is terribly lacking in self-confidence - perhaps because she thinks too much, often worrying about events that may never happen. If the 4 is predominant (if she was born on a 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st; in April, or if her life Path Number is 4), she will be sensible, reliable, quiet and introverted. If the 2 or the 11 are predominant (birthday on a 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th; in February or November, or if she has a life Path Number of 2 or 11), she is likely to be much more temperamental.


What does she like?
Margot   seeks calm, peace and quiet, but is also an affectionate woman at heart who isn´t really cut out for single life. She avoids noise and violence which frighten her terribly and trouble her deeply. Her independence is sacred and one isn´t advised to disturb her when she wishes to be alone! She is peculiar, quirky, original and maybe even a little eccentric, in any case she doesn´t like to follow the beaten track. A character in her own right, she is often misunderstood by those around her - especially her partner who may be perplexed by her changeable moods. Emotionally, she often feels torn between her super-single status and the desire to have a family of her own.


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What does she do?




STRONG>Margot   could be tempted by a career in one of the following domains: advice or counselling, education, psychology or any of the social sciences..., fashion, design and the artistic sphere..., the latest avant-garde technology and original occupations or in connection with nature, animals or ecology.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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Comment Pseudo Date
sounds a little like me surprisingly but I dont like it too peaceful. thats boring. And i can handle loud noises and violence. In fact I Love loud noises and violence . out =) Margo 2013-10-14

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