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Meaning of name Marcial  

Etymology : Spanish form of Martialis (see MARTIAL).


Saint :


Origin : Spanish


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Gender : boy


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Who is he?


With two master numbers, this individual has a strong personality and is deeply compassionate and altruistic. Marcial   is both highly sensitive and incredibly intuitive. Such high frequency vibrations incite him to promote a better world and to take care of the most deprived and underprivileged people on Earth. Material concerns are not essential, in his eyes. He could reveal himself to be an inspired and enlightened soul - as much in the domain of knowledge as through a certain creativity. Marcial   possesses an overflowing imagination, more finely tuned intuitive abilities than the average person and a natural flair for understanding the workings of the mind which makes him capable of rapidly figuring people and situations out... However, these powerful vibrations aren´t always experienced at such a high level due to their inherent difficulties. They may therefore simply be expressed by wild daydreams and utopian ideas, emotional vulnerability and dependence as well as an extreme sensitivity, suggestibility and a selfless nature. Such a passionate temperament is often accompanied by a high level of nervous tension and a rather precarious nervous equilibrium. With the karmic 11, Marcial   could experience two types of scenario in his interpersonal relationships. He may attempt to take charge of the situation (if the 11 is expressed) by assuming the role of the leader, both protecting and dominating the other person or people. Otherwise he will seek the support and protection of those around him, most particularly in his maternal and feminine relationships. In childhood, Marcial   is an adorable and endearing little boy who is always eager to please and particularly receptive to the family environment. Domestic disharmony or dissension can knock him sideways, and in flat denial of the present he will withdraw into his inner world of daydreams. It would therefore be a good idea to favour his autonomy by giving him responsibilities from a relatively tender age while nevertheless taking care to ensure that his childhood remains the carefree experience that it is supposed to be.


What does he like?
Marcial   is on a quest for perfection and holds the human being in extremely high regard. He is animated by an immense inner-strength which incites him to explore social and humanitarian movements or the social sciences, spirituality and the occult. If he commits himself to one of these areas of predilection, he must be careful not to become too systematic or fanatical. He is also fascinated by travel and foreign countries, which could have a role to play in his life in one way or another. He may seek escape in a different way, through the music that he listens to for example, or anything that tickles his senses... In love, Marcial   is an idealist who places his loved one on a pedestal, thereby risking possible disappointment. Otherwise he could continue his search for the perfect partner through a multiplicity of imperfect relationships, or what some might call promiscuity.


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What does he do?




This set up is indicative of tremendous success. His royal roads are the social or artistic domains, the material realm not being an area of priority or one that he tends to rely on. With this in mind, he could be drawn to one of the following careers: teacher, psychologist, sociologist, advisor..., artist, musician..., astrologer, graphologist, medium... religion may be an area of interest, or occupations of a philosophical, philanthropic or political orientation could appeal to him.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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