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Meaning of name Mahmud  

Etymology : Means "praiseworthy" in Arabic, from the same root as Muhammad


Saint :


Origin : Arabic


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Gender : boy


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Who are they?


Determined, efficient, resourceful, energetic and courageous, Mahmud   and Narkissos   are powerful personalities who aspire to lead and command others. They know how to shine, attract attention to themselves and impress others (they are often influenced by the sign of Leo) while they loathe mediocrity and are not cut out for subordinate roles. Failure therefore tends to hit them hard and can make them bitter and envious. Luckily, they know just how to grab the opportunities that life offers them, which they do rapidly and skilfully. They are not indifferent to luxury and appreciate the finer things in life. Impatient creatures, they tend to be quite irritable and lack tolerance. Thoughtful and very often intellectual, they combine their potential for action with mature reflection and rarely act on impulse, except if their anger gets the better of them. This particular mix of qualities coupled with incredible efficiency gives them a certain advantage in life. As children, they can be quite undisciplined at times as well as proud and touchy. They are tyrannical and exclusive children who don´t like sharing with their brothers and sisters and their secret garden is clearly marked "keep out".


What do they like?
Whilst they are seduced by the domain of concrete, material reality, Mahmud   and Narkissos   are also attracted to the realm of the mind. They therefore appreciate periods of solitude in a setting of peace and quiet, which allow them to spend time in reflection, meditation or intellectual enrichment. They will manifest an interest in the weird and wonderful world of esotericism (especially if they were born in July, on a 7th, 16th or 25th; or if they have a life Path Number of 7). In matters of the heart, they have difficulty expressing their feelings and emotions, and appear rather mysterious and enigmatic. Intuitive, they understand the intricate workings of the human mind and are capable of reading their partner like a book while they themselves remain just out of reach and prefer to keep their sweetheart guessing... Exuberance and demonstrations of affection are really not their style, and they look for a community of interests - particularly on an intellectual level - in a potential partner.


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What do they do?




Somewhat dispassionate when it comes to romance, Mahmud   and Narkissos   wish to succeed in their professional lives, first and foremost. They could be particularly attracted to the liberal professions, management positions in the civil service, occupations in the field of finance, the latest technology, fashion or luxury.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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The last comments about "Mahmud  "

Comment Pseudo Date
Mahmoud , Mahmood and Mahmud are all the same in Arabic and it is just matter of English writing that change the letters , SO I am wonder how when they are just the same " ????? " can have such a different interpretation on this site !!! it is like you write a word with wrong spelling and then start to have interpretation for that wrong spelling in front of the right one !!! some thing wrong here ! it is just one name in Arabic not three names !! by the way in Arabic it is oooo which in french the sound comes by letter ou but in English double oo sounds like aa like blood which is not the right pronunciation for the name and u alone also can give the sound of a like "must" so the right way to right the name is Mahmoud .... Mahmoud 2014-01-31

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