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Meaning of name Mahmood  

Etymology : Variant transcription of MAHMUD


Saint :


Origin : Arabic


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Gender : boy


Country :


Numbers :

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Who are they?


Energetic, proud and a little conceited, Mahmood   and are strongly influenced by the number 1. Their aptitudes allow them to be ambitious and make them very good managers and directors, apt to assume a leadership role, to gain access to a certain amount of power, to exert their authority and to take first place. They cannot stand flattery, lies or injustice, and are themselves courageous, energetic and resourceful. The often need to use up their excess energy and are bold and impatient. Material life is important to them and they attribute considerable value to external signs of wealth and elegance. They are imposing, extremely charismatic and influential. Free and independent spirits, they insist on creating their own destiny according to their own ideals, aspirations and interests. Ladies and gentlemen of action, they are altruistic and motivated, so they make great organizers and managers. Courageous and determined, they are bursting with energy which makes them efficient, creative, bright and vivacious individuals. Bubbly, lively and active, they can be inconsistent in their actions, and would be wise to take measures to prevent this impulsivity from becoming a liability. As children, they can be narcissistic and more than a little boisterous! They can easily become contankerous and their tendency to be stubborn doesn´t make things any easier... Oh, and watch out for that temper!


What do they like?
They aspire to unity and association. The spirit of camaraderie brings them to life, even though they would much rather be in charge. They need to shine and be recognized for their true worth. In matters of the heart, they can be bossy, passionate and possessive and they don´t beat around the bush. Watch out for jealousy! Just because they don´t always show their need for attention that doesn´t mean that they aren´t extremely sensitive souls, and as long as you don´t hurt their feelings they will do almost anything you ask, and if you´re nice, who knows, they might even effortlessly move a mountain or two out of your way.


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What do they do?




Ambitious and self-assured go-getters, Mahmood   and , often self-educated, are undeniably attracted to glory. They may practice one of the following professions: in relation to the world of business (management, finance, banking, the stock market or industry...), with connections to the application of a certain power (police, justice, politics, and parapsychology), perhaps working with mechanics or tools made of iron (cobbler, tailor, surgeon, butcher...), or with fire (fireman). Incidentally, they are often influenced by the fire signs (Leo, Aries) or by Scorpio, associated with all the creative and independent professions.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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The last comments about "Mahmood  "

Comment Pseudo Date
165 Mahmood to 2015-08-07
Mahmoud , Mahmood and Mahmud are all the same in Arabic and it is just matter of English writing that change the letters , SO I am wonder how when they are just the same " ????? " can have such a different interpretation on this site !!! it is like you write a word with wrong spelling and then start to have interpretation for that wrong spelling in front of the right one !!! some thing wrong here ! it is just one name in Arabic not three names !! by the way in Arabic it is oooo which in french the sound comes by letter ou but in English double oo sounds like aa like blood which is not the right pronunciation for the name and u alone also can give the sound of a like "must" so the right way to right the name is Mahmoud .... Mahmoud 2014-01-31

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