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Meaning of name Maële

Etymology : Leader(Head), (Celtic) prince. Breton first name.


Saint :


Origin : British


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Gender : girl


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Who are they?


Sociable, friendly and communicative, Maële and Mykhaila   are very charming, seductive women who are also rather image-conscious. This could be expressed by the way they dress (often with originality), or by the choices they make in life and their personal views. Elegant, refined, accommodating, and imbued with a certain distinction, their intense desire to please and be liked is usually expressed through kindness, helpfulness and a conciliatory spirit. They can transform themselves into capable and responsible women when necessary, both where their personal and professional lives are concerned. Idealists, they are dedicated to quality and can get upset when they realize they aren´t perfect in every way. With the karmic 6, they are often confronted with familial difficulties: the family being either the focus of their lives to the point where they are capable of making huge personal sacrifices; or their home life is disharmonious, feels like a burden, and is characterized by an urge to escape provoked by the fear of allowing oneself to be smothered or to suffer, and this is not without repercussions in the emotional sphere. If they take matters into their own hands and act in line with their responsibilities, they will certainly reap the rewards. However there will also be constraints - which at times can be extremely cumbersome - in the endless quest for perfection. Maële and Mykhaila   are protective by nature, and are therefore very good at comforting and supporting others, usually forgetting about themselves in the process. If the opposite is true, and they are hesitant and apathetic, then something is making them mightily unhappy, and they surely seek the support that they are temporarily unable to provide. As children, it would be desirable to give them a certain amount of autonomy relatively early on in life. They need love, can be exclusive and are very frightened by aggressive or violent behavior. Their parents should also take care to maintain a peaceful and harmonious environment around them, otherwise it won´t be long before they start looking elsewhere for a better world. A creative or artistic hobby (sewing, music, dance...) would be of great benefit and is to be encouraged.


What do they like?
As a general rule, Maële and Mykhaila   love freedom, independence, novelty and the unknown. They are very fond of change and enjoy travelling, whilst they bitterly resent constraints and the routine. They like to get on with things and can be impatient, quickly becoming discouraged when faced with an obstacle on the road to their goals. Romantically, they are idealistic and elitist and can be very fussy when choosing a partner. They are capable of hesitating for a long, long time, either through fear of commitment, or because they keep finding too many imperfections in their quest for the perfect man.


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What do they do?




There could be a connection with the family, in one way or another, and in any case they are likely to exert a certain amount of influence on the professional choices of these women. Otherwise, they could be interested by occupations related to travel (representation, journalism...), related to beauty, art, comfort, gastronomy, or providing support for others (medical, paramedics, justice, humanitarian aid).



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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