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Meaning of name LoÏc  

Etymology : Breton form of LOUIS


Saint :


Origin : French


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Gender : boy


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Who is he?


LoÏc   has a certain charisma, which is no doubt because he emanates an aura of "quiet strength", and has a presence that is particularly reassuring. He is a sociable, caring and communicative individual who is quite extroverted. Sensitive to harmony, he is committed to justice, and prepared to make great efforts to achieve peace. Aesthetic and creative, he is a jack-of-all-trades and probably enjoys practicing an artistic hobby. As a child, his family are very influential to his development, and parental disharmony is likely to cause him distress. Gentle, affectionate, kind and helpful, he is is quick to become autonomous and responsible, and since he has such strong paternal instincts, he would make a wonderful big brother, taking great care of his younger brothers and sisters. His parents should therefore encourage a sense of responsibility from an early age by making sure he knows that they trust him. Lastly, he has an undisputable aptitude for communication, is eloquent and persuasive as well as inquisitive, adaptable and mobile.


What does he like?
LoÏc   enjoys communication, and is very fond of dialectics and enigmas. He is likely to excel in trade, commerce and economics and is loves to discuss these and other subjects, demonstrating a remarkable linguistic ability. Something of a chameleon, he delights in blending into his surrounding environment, even speaking with the local accent of wherever he happens to be! He is able to do this because he has such a good ear and a real aptitude for learning foreign languages. The downside to all this may be a tendency to chatter, to exaggerate or at least elaborate the truth... The most important thing for him is to be admired and entertain - in short, he wants to be the center of attention. Sensory and sensual, he is a true Epicurean and appreciates the many pleasures that this world has to offer. A nice dinner between friends and family, which he himself has a hand in preparing and which he will enjoy with refined gourmet - choosing the very best wines for each course - is likely to be a particularly special moment for him. However he should be careful not to become a slave to his senses!


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What does he do?




He can usually be found in the library or on campus, and often undertakes a lengthy program of study because he seeks intellectual enrichment. His sense of responsibility could take him in a political direction (anything from director of a non-profit organization to the highest ministerial positions depending on his ambitions). This characteristic will be even more pronounced if he was born on a 22nd or a 19th. His love of language, literature and oral expression, (sources of enormous personal satisfaction) will naturally lead to occupations that require such talents, for example: translator, interpreter, representative, guide, lawyer, or lecturer. Trade will surely remain his preferred field and, regardless of his chosen profession, it is almost certainly likely to involve considerable responsibility.



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It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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