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Meaning of name Loane

Etymology : (Celtic) light.


Saint :


Origin : British


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Gender : girl


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Who is she?


Loane is a woman with character! A very powerful personality, who has little reason to envy the opposite sex. Like them, she is ambitious, courageous, impatient and even a little domineering. She enjoys a good fight and needs regular exercise to work off her excess energy. Endowed with qualities more often employed to describe a man than a woman, she is forthright and doesn´t mince her words, which can be very blunt, at times. She is proud, stubborn and very loyal. She knows how to grab hold of opportunities when they appear. Tact, tolerance, passivity, gentleness and weakness are not included in her vocabulary. Nevertheless, this is to hide her emotional and quuite sensitive soul, and in the face of adversity, especially during times of emotional upheaval, she is inclined to panic and become withdrawn. Although she is somewhat materialist and appreciates wealth, she is a generous spirit who is capable of sacrifice for the ones she loves ones, or indeed any good cause that happens to touch her. Parents, don´t be fooled by her tom-boy attitude, neither should you be too impressed by her apparent determination because deep down, she´s really a big softie, is more of a worrier than a warrior, and seeks security above all... However, this doesn´t change the fact that she is brimming over with energy most of the time. It´s true that she can be controlling, jealous, and possessive, but one thing is certain, she never pretends to be anybody else. Every once in a while she may display violent anger, but remember, this is simply to remind you that she exists! Equally genuine and honest as a child, she will love you intensely. Let her find her equilibrium and appease her competitive spirit by encouraging her to take part in a sport... Similarly, creative activities such as music, painting or sculpture could provide the stimulation and the thrills that she seeks...


What does she like?
A woman of great passion, Loane needs to find meaning in her life, and is therefore attracted to achievements that are concrete, solid and tangible. It is important for her to succeed, by herself if possible, but otherwise, her partner´s success will do, and he´d better be up to the job! Her ‘now you see it, now you don´t´, personality calls for escape from time to time. Her travels could just as easily take her to the other side of this world as the one in her extremely active imagination. Fascinated by all that is weird and wonderful, magical and unexplained, she may even have some talent as a medium... Her emotional life is no less divided: she knows what she wants and needs a partner who she can admire and the security of home roots, any woman that gets too close to her man would be wise to start running now! Possessive, jealous and demanding, imagine the shape of a mushroom cloud and you´ll get the general idea of what could happen, that is, unless she realizes that she might have gone too far... Far from being the model housewife, she sometimes recklessly spends large amounts of money on herself, however when it comes to others she is quite capable of tightening the purse strings...


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What does she do?




Not really qualified for the role of a housewife, Loane could be tempted by the following career paths: business or money related occupations (banking, accounting, management...), power related occupations (military, law enforcement, sport...), travel related occupations, as well as occupations in connection with broadcasting and journalism, preferably involving contact with the public, in the social (justice) and medical fields, or an occupation that enables her to make the most of her intuitive abilities or live her "inspiration" (artistic occupations, parapsychology...).



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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