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Meaning of name Liesel  

Etymology : German diminutive of ELISABETH


Saint :


Origin : German


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Gender : girl


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Who is she?


Liesel   is highly selective in friendship and in love. She seeks peace and harmony above all, and tends to avoid conflicts and any risk of getting hurt emotionally. Determined, demanding and a perfectionist, she expects a lot from both her personal and professional lives, while she assumes her responsibilities in return. Very emotional and sensitive, she often tends to internalize and accumulate her feelings and emotions, and isn´t always prepared to share her grievances. Liesel   is extremely intuitive, where both people and situations are concerned, although what others call intuition or mediumship, she is happy to refer to as "flair". Her ability to "feel" people and events could guide her to a profession in which the consideration of others is important, such as counselling - where her sensitivity could serve a constructive purpose. It really isn´t worth trying to oppose her because she is sure of her decisions, and won´t understand how come you don´t agree with her point of view. However, if you must object, make sure that you know what you´re talking about! Her gentle, quiet and reserved appearance conceals an enthusiastic and passionate temperament, her visionary side enables her to be in the forefront and she is always one step ahead: new ideas, new concepts... The presence of a master number in the name Liesel   bestows her with advantages that go hand in hand with a considerable amount of nervous tension. Her sensitivity could be expressed at a lower octave, as kindness and gentleness, a romantic spirit and idealism, as well as some reserve. She is an attentive listener to those she loves, and has a shoulder that feels wonderful to cry on. In childhood, Liesel   tends to be calm, sweet-tempered and sensitive, and will probably constitute a real family with all her dolls. Her sensitivity can sometimes lead to periods of elation followed by periods where Liesel   will almost disappear, quiet and unassuming as a mouse. Her parents should take particular care to ensure that she has enough self-confidence and give her a reasonable amount of responsibility from a relatively tender age.


What does she like?
Demanding and a perfectionist, Liesel   could subject her partner to fluctuations in mood, ranging from exquisite gentleness to the most violent of emotional outbursts. Her friends and family are extremely close to heart and she is prepared to give them plenty of her time, love and affection, although she expects much in return. "Almost" isn´t good enough for her or for the humans that she loves and she wishes them success to match her own ambitions. The universe of form and color, aesthetics, art and creation are of particular interest to her.


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What does she do?




Liesel   could play the role of an enlightened guide. Endowed with a large capacity for work she will need outside contacts, diversity, variety and an occupation that will enable her to listen, advise and help others: positions in education, counselling, psychology, relationship counselling or parapsychology, as well as occupations related to aesthetics, decoration, art, culture and literature.



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It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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