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Meaning of name Kiwa

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Origin : Japan


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Gender : girl


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Who are they?


With the energies of the master number 11, Kiwa and Danila are strong characters who possess an easy ascendancy over others. They are active, dynamic, courageous, energetic and passionate individuals. Seemingly adaptable and accommodating, they calmly assert their rights and gently - firmly if necessary - put their ideas "out there"; but they can also be cunning, amoral and opportunistic at times. They are always making plans and have many wonderful ideas; however they need to learn to put them into practice. Action allows them to channel their high level of nervous tension and in general, life´s challenges spur them on. They possess a profound sense of justice and can be known to react violently to inequity. They care about their fellow earthlings and often have humanitarian ideals, which lead them to take an interest in others and join groups or associations with a social or ideological objective. They are feminists who would give any man a run for his money... While they are extremely intuitive; they prefer to place emphasis on their logical mind as this tends to meet with a better reaction. They could fluctuate between total possessiveness and a certain altruism. As little girls, they are good students who are hardworking and determined. They can be perfectionists or even obsessive in one particular area, and completely undisciplined in another... Sport and group activities are to be encouraged, as this will enable them to develop a sense of solidarity.


What do they like?
Kiwa and Danila care a lot about their family and are prepared to make much effort to ensure that harmony prevails in their relationships with their loved ones. They aspire to peace, but they won´t hesitate to transform themselves into fearless warriors if it is necessary. They often have a keen sense of esthetics which could lead them to take an interest in art and other beautiful objects, and they certainly appreciate the cosy comfort of home. Romantically, things can be quite complicated since they are in search of perfection, and like to present themselves as an example. Their intransigence could therefore mean that happiness passes them by and they don´t even notice... Bossy and pernickety with great principles; if they are not careful they could make those around them weary or irritable.


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What do they do?




All sorts of possibilities are open to them: activities involving listening and advice, anything to do with sales and marketing, retail, tourism and travel..., artistic or esthetic occupations, dietetics, catering, gastronomy or cuisine..., as well as occupations requiring accuracy and thoroughness.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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