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Meaning of name Kanilja

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Origin : Indian


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Gender : girl


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Who is she?


Kanilja is an emotional, sensitive and nervous woman who seeks the company of others, first and foremost. She is both idealistic and realistic, although it is usually the latter aspect that is expressed initially. Nonetheless, she has a very fertile imagination, which contributes in large part to address the dissatisfaction that she feels in her everyday life. But fortunately for her, Kanilja has the organization skills necessary to achieve her goals and put her interests into practice. She is fascinated by music, poetry, humanity and the irrational, and is inclined to be a dreamer although she can also be constructive and materialistic. The result of these antagonistic tendencies can be rather disconcerting: on the outside she can often appear light-hearted and happy-go-lucky, superficial, impulsive, and she doesn´t mince her words... However this isn´t her real nature, and she can be aloof and abrupt just when you least expect it. She loathes her personal space being invaded and is extremely fond of her independence. Likewise, she is just as perplexing where order is concerned. One day she could be ever so strict in her principles: correct, organized, modest and thrifty (especially if she was born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st, or if her life Path Number is 4). Then, in a sudden change of attitude, in flagrant contradiction with her own values, she can become extravagant, disorderly and even sloppy, especially if she was born on the 5th, 14th, 23rd of the month, or if her life Path Number is 5)... If she happens to succumb to temptation, she will promise herself never to do it again and can be quite hard on herself. She is generally lively and self-willed; although her weakest link is probably her sensual and emotional nature. She is very sensitive to the family environment and easily shaken by emotional disappointment, in which case she is likely to become withdrawn, blocking the world out and fleeing reality. As a child, she shouldn´t be much of a problem to her parents as long as the atmosphere at home is harmonious, because she lives and develops according to the amount of love she receives. If her family doesn´t provide her with the affection and reassurance that she needs, she could completely lose interest in her schooling and could seek a substitute for her affection by rushing headlong into the arms of the first man who shows an interest in her, possibly at a relatively tender age. Otherwise, she could choose to escape through daydreams, blissfully ignoring her responsibilities. It would be desirable for her to engage in an artistic activity, as well as group activities in which she could share and exchange.


What does she like?
She appreciates security and stability, and although she is often tempted by adventure, travel and pleasures of all kinds, she will be sure to take every possible precaution. She enjoys nature and all that is natural, animals and the countryside. If she can live in harmony with the high vibrations that her master number offers, Kanilja could envisage significant accomplishments in the material realm, aided by her potential for hard work and her impressive organizational talents, her rich imagination and her intuition. From a romantic point of view, she is quite ambivalent: romantic, sensual, idealistic, down to earth and a little scared of love. She could be accused of modesty, reserve and even frostiness, however Kanilja is a highly sensitive and emotional young lady who doesn´t always like to admit it.


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What does she do?




Kanilja doesn´t like to be inactive, and is likely to seek a career that she will enjoy and in which she will be able to fully invest herself, bringing some meaning to her life... She could therefore be especially attracted to occupations in conjunction with the community, of a social, medical or paramedical nature, in connection with the public, broadcasting or sales; in connection with nature, animals, the land or travel, as well as those requiring organization, method, rigor and precision...



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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