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Meaning of name Kalie  

Etymology : Variant of KAYLEE


Saint :


Origin : English (Modern)


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Gender : girl


Country :


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Who is she?


One would be lying if one said that Kalie   was an easy-going character! Authoritarian and often aggressive, she possesses qualities that are more readily attributed to a man than a woman and seeks to take charge and be the one to give the orders. Furthermore, she isn´t lacking in courage and when she really wants to she is capable of considerable effort in order to achieve her ends. She is materialistic and ambitious, and quite interested in the financial sphere, generally possessing good business sense and a paradoxical relationship with money: at times verging on greed with a tendency to hoard, while at others she can be quite the spendthrift. Her behaviour is likely to vary between these two antagonistic tendencies. She is usually capable of sound judgement and possesses fine practical skills. Somewhat bad-tempered, one couldn´t really say that she seeks to please others; in fact it´s more the other way around, although she does have a certain magnetism. What she desires is power, above all else; and until she obtains it she is likely to be contentious, bitter, disillusioned, egocentric, jealous and cynical because she cannot tolerate failure or mediocrity. If she is able to reach her goals, she will undoubtedly show greater generosity and tolerance. Rather abrupt and frank in her personal interactions, she can be very argumentative and even quite rude if she doesn´t like somebody. Furthermore, her feelings of affinity or antipathy are immediate, and it is not recommended to rub her up the wrong way because she can be particularly spiteful and even takes a certain pleasure in getting revenge. Parents, proceed with caution!... When Kalie   has decided that she wants something, she will insist on it; once, twice, ten times, a hundred times... until you give in and let her have her way, which you may be tempted to do because her outbursts of anger can be quite impressive, and her sulkiness even more tiresome to endure... Sport and physical activity in general are highly recommended to enable her to burn off some of her excess energy. She is of practical intelligence with a more or less rational and methodical mind which could be an asset for studying science or mathematics. Finally, she will need to learn the value of patience, moderation and sharing; notions that are not particularly well developed in her character.


What does she like?
She is quite anxious by nature, and can lack confidence in herself - even though outside appearances seem to indicate that the opposite is true. She therefore appreciates peace and quiet, security and stability. Her romantic life is far from easy, because her excessive modesty prevents her from baring her body and soul, and Kalie   doen´t feel very uncomfortable talking about her feelings and emotions. She isn´t really a sentimental soul and she is even less romantic, however she is quite sensitive to the social standing of a potential partner. Usually faithful, possessive and uncompromising, she could reveal herself to be a real green-eyed monster if she feels abandoned or if she suspects that there is a risk of her partner being unfaithful.


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What does she do?




She tends to favour the personal and professional spheres over family life. She could be tempted by a lucrative career, such as management, banking, finance, business or accounting; occupations in connection with nature and the land..., manual occupations or in relation to "cutting" instruments: nurse, surgeon, sculptor or dressmaker...



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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Wow I'm like that sometimes Kalie K 2015-09-06
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