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Meaning of name Jamie  

Etymology : Originally a Lowland Scots diminutive of JAMES


Saint :


Origin : Scottish


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Gender : girl


Country :


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Who is she?


Introverted, discreet and reserved, Jamie   tends to protect herself from a world that worries her a little. She is shy and very selective in her personal relationships and Jamie   would much prefer to be single than in a bad relationship. A cerebral lady, she is inclined to speculation and is easily anxious and worried, with quite a pessimistic outlook on this world that she finds so troubling. She is pragmatic, rational and instinctively wary and often needs to reassure herself. On the other hand, she is reliable and is definitely somebody who can be counted on. She is attentive to others and is of sound moral character. If she lives her active number at the level of the 2, she will be sensitive, impressionable and seek security above all. Affectionate, tender and receptive to others, self-protection comes naturally to her in the light of the many problems and difficulties that she imagines are possible. She is therefore likely to lead quite a monotonous life which is nonetheless stable and well-organized. If she can live this same active number in harmony with the vibrations of the master number 11, she will experience transformation and develop incredible inner strength as well as an ascendency over others. With the help of her intuition, her understanding of human psychology combined with her inspiration will enable her to accomplish her social and humanitarian goals. She will reap the fruits of her efforts as long as she remains tenacious and perseverant. A high level of nervous tension is a side effect of the vibrations of this master number, so she must learn to channel her energy. As a child, she requires plenty of love and affection, in spite of the fact that she is bashful and doesn´t know how to respond to blatant displays of affection. But the more love, encouragement and stimulation that she receives, the healthier her development will be. Likewise, she will do much better at school if her teacher shows an active interest in her education. She is well-behaved and responsible, even a little too much sometimes; and she isn´t afraid of solitude which is a sanctuary to her. She prefers doing things by herself to group games and activities.


What does she like?
She enjoys peace and quiet, simplicity and all that is natural. She loathes pretentiousness, small talk and gossip; and seeks security and stability more than anything else. With her practical and rational mind she is often interested in the latest technology and enjoys planning and organizing - probably because she worries about being unprepared for unexpected. The master number 22 enables her to achieve great feats in her lifetime, and her large capacity for work will serve her well. In matter of the heart, she is loyal and affectionate, although she isn´t particularly demonstrative because she can have difficulty expressing her emotions. On the other hand, you should know that if she´s in love with you, it´s for life!


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What does she do?




Jamie   could find her niche in one of the scientific or technical professions, in liaison with modernism and avant-garde technology as well as occupations concerned with the land, nature, science and animals or the social sciences (psychology or parapsychology), she could equally excel in a career requiring precision and thoroughness, such as dressmaking.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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The last comments about "Jamie  "

Comment Pseudo Date
Jamie is a Scottish man's name for James. Get you facts right. Jamie 2016-03-28
my mind is completely blow. This describes me so well, it's scary. I think I was just born to be a Jamie... Jamie 2015-05-31
This is dead on! jamie 2015-04-23
Wow! You hit the nail on the head. I'm a Jamie and this describes me. 2015-02-21
I am an 18 year old Jamie and very mature for my age and this fit me very well! It's crazy how much of it described me! Jamie 2013-10-29
My daughter, Jamie, is 7 years old and it fit her about 80%. Amazing pseudo 2012-09-06
It's crazy how true this is. I'm a Jamie that described me perfectly Jamie 2012-09-03
Sooo true, haha. I am a Jamie, and 97% of this is true! jamie 2012-08-26

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