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Meaning of name Ivano

Etymology : (Celtic) yew.


Saint :


Origin : Italian


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Gender : boy


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Numbers :

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Who is he?


Ivano is incredibly likeable thanks to his enthusiastic, warm, friendly and understanding personality - a delightful combination of charm and know-how. He can often be superficial and overly concerned with his appearance of which he takes great care, through a certain vanity and narcissism. With his bright, shrewd and cunning mind he appreciates humour and is generally a man of a joyful and optimistic nature. A smooth talking ladies´ man, he can be extremely persuasive. He also has what it takes to undertake an honourable program of study but hard labour doesn´t appeal to him at all! Because tenacity isn´t one of his finer qualities he could waste his wonderful potential if he allows curiosity to leads him astray, which could cause to him become dissipated and unfocused. He is more inclined to an easy life than to effort and fortunately, Ivano was born under a lucky star and he knows it (he is very often a Gemini influenced by Jupiter). Of considerable self-confidence, he is often very satisfied with his actions. If he is unable to succeed well enough to satisfy his pride he is capable of self-importance, stretching the truth and even downright lying in an attempt to impress others... Disappointment can push him to take refuge in a fool´s paradise, however he is much better suited to happiness than to complications... As a child, his parents would be wise to keep an eye on these tendencies and nip them in the bud before things become problematic. It would be highly beneficial to encourage him to develop his natural gifts for singing, music and languages as well as impose certain constraints and avoiding treating him like he´s the best thing since sliced bread - even if this is the case.


What does he like?
Without a doubt, Ivano appreciates an easy life and the pleasures of this world. Life is a game for him. Nevertheless, he is generous and wants the people around him to be happy too. He is therefore concerned with his fellow earthlings and tends to adopt an altruistic attitude. In his romantic life, he is generous and loving, sensual and seductive. Alas, no one is perfect and there are areas where he may be less than scrupulous - notably where fidelity is concerned...


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What does he do?




Ivano is a man of expression and communication. He is likely to be attracted to a career in connection with an adoring public (actor, singer, dancer or presenter), a loyal clientele (retail, hairdressing), or with justice and the social domain (attorney).



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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