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Meaning of name Ifan  

Etymology : Welsh form of JOHN


Saint :


Origin : Welsh


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Gender : boy


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Who are they?


These are two of the toughest characters you are ever likely to meet! Ifan   and Aljaž  ´s view of the world is very black and white - they don´t do anything by halves and their judgement is generally sound and well-founded. Frank, direct, honest and courageous; neither of these young men are short of magnetism. They are capable of taking the initiative and are daring and swift; where most people see "difficulty", they see "opportunity". Driven by a desire to win, Ifan   and Aljaž   are nonetheless realistic and pragmatic. They are relatively wary and require tangible proof before placing their confidence in people or ideas. They have high moral standards and loyalty is an essential value as far as they are concerned, although they can sometimes be a little inflexible. On the other hand, they are anything but superficial and don´t grant their friendship to just anybody, however once they have decided that you are worth their time they reveal themselves to be attentive, considerate and totally dependable. Active by nature, their work provides them with the opportunity to assert themselves and maintain their equilibrium. The sky´s the limit as long as they feel motivated and they will work relentlessly to achieve their goals. Two contradictory tendencies actually co-exist within their personality: the 4, which makes them inclined to reflection, level-headedness, concentration, isolation, a sense of duty and the importance of work, seeking to acquire a certain level of wisdom; and the 8, more concrete and dynamic, which drives them to action, bouts of enthusiasm and outbursts of anger; with an emphasis on their physical selves... When these two tendencies are in harmony with one another these are men who are well-balanced emotionally - albeit extremely demanding and intolerant at times, who often present themselves as an example for others. As children, they are not the most docile creatures and could indeed be rather temperamental. Quite contrary and argumentative, they are unforgiving if their parents don´t happen to measure up to their great expectations. A firm, but fair approach is therefore necessary. Physical exercise and sport are strongly recommended, notably the martial arts which allow them to combine the mental and the physical in an incredibly beneficial way.


What do they like?
Ifan   and Aljaž   appreciate simplicity and sincerity while they reject anything that is unnatural or artificial. They are nature lovers who enjoy calm and tranquillity. Material boys first and foremost, they take an interest in the finance and seek security and physical comfort. When it comes to love, they have a rather "no-nonsense" attitude but they make utterly dependable partners... Neither sentimental nor romantic, and even less emotional, they feel uncomfortable with the emotional realm, and can even appear pretty brusque and awkward. On the other hand, you can always count on them being there in times of need or trouble, reliable and efficient as ever.


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What do they do?




They don´t shy away from responsibility, and can often be found occupying positions involving the exercise of a certain power over others (police, army, politics...), in the fields of business or finance, occupations that require one to keep a cool head, those in connection with iron or fire (metallurgy, fire-fighter, stone-cutter, butcher, surgeon, zinc worker, plumber, cobbler, animal trainer, stuntman...), or sport, as well as those concerned with the Earth and the sentient life that live on her...



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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