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Meaning of name Ian  

Etymology : Modern Scottish form of JOHN


Saint :


Origin : Scottish


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Gender : boy


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Who is he?


Pleasant and attractive with a gentle and reassuring manner, Ian   is a seductive man who possesses a secret charm and a rather mysterious air. He wants to please and to be liked in return - to be in others´ « good books »; which could be expressed as much by a preoccupation with his appearance (which tends to be quite refined) or by the need to seduce. Likewise, he cares deeply about his family, with whom he needs to feel in harmony - even if this means making personal sacrifices. He excels at consoling, supporting and taking care of others, as he is a man who takes his responsibilities seriously. However, if his family environment isn´t conducive to exchange, or contributes to making him narcissistic or childish (two mistakes to be avoided), he could just as easily take the opposite path, that of egoism and irresponsibility. Ian   is often a perfectionist and rather obsessive at times, although this is only fully expressed in certain areas of predilection. This could be observed through in a tendency to take great care in the way he dresses or perhaps by more or less suffocating scruples with regards to his family, towards whom he feels an obligation. His great expectations could also be tangible in the professional sphere where he doesn´t allow himself margin for error or weakness, and is particularly authoritarian and demanding with his colleagues or subordinates. Ian   is an independent soul who is enamoured with novelty and change. He is considerably nervous and this can be felt in his need to be on the move, a taste for travel or speed and an inclination to soul searching. He is attracted by the promise of adventure which could be the reason for a somewhat anarchic itinerary or at least one with plenty of bends and potholes. His level of activity is inconsistent and is directly proportional to his level of motivation. He osscilates between hyperactivity, carelessness and laziness... As a child, Ian   requires an upbringing that is both firm and supple. It isn´t really helpful to overvalue him and even less so to incense him, because he is inclined to self-satisfaction. On the other hand, he needs balance in his life as well as plenty of love and affection. It would be a good idea to entrust him with responsibilities - especially familial - from a tender age, in order to avoid him developing a certain narcissism. Finally, since he is often an esthete, the practice of an artistic activity is bound to bring him much enjoyment.


What does he like?
Ian   is an individualistic person who likes to be in the driving seat where his destiny is concerned while he also likes to be in charge of others. Ambitious and idealistic, he wants to shine, to be the best at what he does and influence people. He is generous and capable of grand gestures, however this doesn´t change the fact that he is a fundamentally egotistical character. Pleasure and romance occupy an important place in his life and Ian   is a real ladies´ man! He might not always be the faithful type but he is so incredibly charming one could almost forgive him! He is bossy and domineering in a relationship and would be delighted if his partner´s admiration for him knows no limits, and that she reminds him of this as often as possible... After all, he is pretty fantastic!...


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What does he do?




It isn´t impossible that he takes over the family business. Otherwise, Ian   will be particularly attracted to occupations of an artistic or esthetic nature, those related to the food, hotel and catering industry or gastronomy..., with the medical or paramedical fields, or involving the care and support of others..., otherwise he could find satisfaction through a career in connection with movement, action, mobility, speed or travel...



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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The last comments about "Ian  "

Comment Pseudo Date
Ian Somerhalder....... Its about you, seducing with your attractiveness..... Samra 2014-11-25
He terrifies me......the name Phil14672 2014-05-19
the name scares me. it probably means your like going to turn into godzilla or something and destroy a city. Phil 2014-05-19
im not going to turn into godzilla you are crazy ian 2014-05-19
AHHHHH,RUN! IT'S GODZIRRA!!!!!! Random Japanese Man 2014-05-19
thats racist. Godzilla 2014-05-19
HA!!Nice one Gareth!!The name Gareth sounds like something stuck inside the ass end of a kilt... 2014-05-07
Haha I just Google that fact about Ian being the number one criminal name. Its true it is who would of thought it boring Ian isn't so boring after all,no he's probably a rapist,murderer,wife beater,control freak, stay away from people called ian lol. Ian 2014-01-12
Interesting fact I read the other day. Ian is the number one criminal name in the UK,USA,Canada,Australia. Police in Australia actually investigate all people called Ian when a serious crime has been committed. Ian is the most popular name for,murderers,rapists,domestic abuse,mental illness and being gay. In all four of the mentioned countries. Their are more rapists called Ian than any other name,same for murderers,also More gay men are called Ian than any others and they are more likely to have mental illness. Also 79% of people called Ian are left handed. So in other words don't call your son Ian haha. Ian 2013-08-10
I am called Ian and I hate my name. Its just a boring name. Wish I had a more exciting cooler name. Ian 2013-08-01

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