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Meaning of name Hiroko  

Etymology : From Japanese (hiro) "tolerant, generous", (hiro) "abundant" or (hiro) "prosperous" combined with (ko) "child".


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Origin : Japanese


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Gender : girl


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Who is she?


Inquisitive and friendly, frank and direct, Hiroko   is a charming, lively and communicative woman. Behind the reserved exterior, she just wants to be liked, and can be most accommodating and pleasant in her social interactions. She is a woman in a hurry, rapid and adaptable; who doesn´t understand the meaning of the word patience, although "fast" is definitely her favourite adjective. A fervent supporter of independence and freedom, she resents the daily grind, carrying out her tasks swiftly and deftly so that she can move on to whatever it is that she really wants to do. She can often be manually gifted and could turn out to be a fantastic handyman, wielding a needle just as skilfully as a drill or a paintbrush... As a matter of fact, Hiroko   is a passionate woman and needs to keep herself motivated by constantly renewing her interests. The fact that she doesn´t like anything permanent could mean that her life is somewhat chaotic, which would also be due, in part, to her fickle and unsettled (even superficial) nature. And yet, deep down, she craves the stability and organization that would provide her with security, even if change and adventure excite her to the highest degree. Energetic and hardworking, Hiroko   isn´t lacking in self-discipline, although this doesn´t tend to apply to tasks that are imposed on her by others, as she is highly allergic to constraints! Furthermore, while she may be open and obliging most of the time, she can be just as inflexible where certain matters are concerned, probably due to her principles and rather conservative attitude. As a child, she is perfectly pleasant; however she could be inclined to be reserved and wary. Endowed with a keen intelligence and capable of systematic thinking, she has enormous potential for learning but could be hindered by her lack of self-confidence as well as her extreme shyness. She requires reassurance and encouragement, especially considering her sensitive nature. She needs the comfort of her dreams, the privacy of her secret world and is highly imaginative. It would be wise to encourage her to make the most of her creativity, as well as develop her flexibility and vitality - which could be perfectly expressed through dance.


What does she like?
Hiroko   is a sentimental soul who seeks meaningful relationships with others. She is a warm and intimate person who loves to exchange and communicate with friends, for whom she is never too busy, and always happy to help if she can. Her fine intuition and common sense make her the perfect friend, whose advice is definitely worth listening to. For her, to truly live means sharing the interests and even the emotions of her beloved, with whom she needs to identify herself. When in a relationship, she is likely to be quite conciliatory, because although her freedom is very dear to her heart, the union is of fundamental value as far as she´s concerned. She is a fantastic hostess who knows exactly how to animate an evening between friends, cleverly combining tact, charm and reserve.


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What does she do?




Setting up a home and starting a family is of paramount importance to her. However, even though emotionally she is quite dependent, she still needs a certain amount of personal independence, and on a professional level, she could be attracted to professions related to counselling or education, commercial professions involving written or oral expression, creative occupations - particularly in conjunction with manual dexterity, and occupations where travel, mobility and contact with others is required.



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It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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