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Meaning of name Hiltrude  

Etymology : Variant of HILTRAUD


Saint :


Origin : German


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Gender : girl


Country :


Numbers :

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Who are they?


Women of high caliber, Hiltrude   and FelÌcita   are endowed with courage, ambition and an iron will. They are often of the choleric temperament. Rather excitable and quick-tempered, they need to feel galvanized and passionate about everything that they do. They possess a certain magnetism and seek to impress others which could be manifested by a certain eccentricity (perhaps by the way they dress). They appreciate material possessions and wealth, and could reveal themselves to be shrewd business women. Full of confidence, they are also acutely perceptive and intuitive so it isn´t easy to get anything past them! Thanks to their active imagination they are often inclined to over exaggerate and make mountains out of molehills... They are extremely energetic and hyperactive when they feel impassioned however they can also be quite aggressive at times! Nevertheless they can be very charming when they want something in particular and could have a real ascendancy over others if they are conscious of their master number 11 - but will they use this power wisely and honestly? With such qualities, Hiltrude   and FelÌcita   are well-equipped for the game of life and they certainly leave a lasting impression on those they meet.... As little girls, they are cunning, tyrannical and possessive. Very impatient and irascible, they can be extremely touchy and can have trouble sharing with other children. It is therefore necessary to inculcate the notion of respect for others and teach them that sharing is to everyone´s benefit. It would also be a good idea to start giving them pocket money as soon as possible in order for them to learn how to manage their piggybank by themselves.


What do they like?
Hiltrude   and FelÌcita   are seductive women of conquest who enjoy being admired and desired. They appreciate the security of their homes which they like to be cosy and comfortable. There are often heavily influenced by their family and aspire to a successful relationship, however they can often be extremely demanding and the man in question is expected to be rich, charming, brilliant, sensitive and cultured, whilst being prepared to grant them a certain amount of freedom... They need to learn that perfection is not of this world, otherwise they could face disillusionment and certain problems!


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What do they do?




If Hiltrude   and FelÌcita   choose a career that is close to their heart they are likely to be tempted by the artistic or esthetic domains, the medical or paramedical professions, or perhaps the field of social science (psychology, astrology, graphology or education)... However there is also a chance of them choosing to work in a partnership or the family business, otherwise they could be tempted by the purely lucrative side of a career in business, finance, management or banking.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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