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Meaning of name Heather  

Etymology : From the English word heather for the variety of small shrubs with pink or white flowers which commonly grow in rocky areas


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Origin : English


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Gender : girl


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Who is she?


Seemingly unemotional, Heather   is calm and reserved, haughty and detached. Most certainly, she is sober and very deep, but also shy, honest, and of impeccable morality. Patient, secure, disciplined, determined and level-headed, Heather   is nonetheless apprehensive and uncertain. She tends to have low self-esteem and can be quite introverted. She isn´t afraid of solitude and prefers to maintain one or two close friendships than several less authentic relationships. Far from being dissipated or superficial, she is only really interested by that which is profound and genuine. If you count yourself among her friends this is because she considers you worthy of her time. Not particularly spontaneous or demonstrative, she can be over-sensitive and emotional although she conceals this part of her nature behind a thick layer of ice. Her incredible self-control could easily be mistaken for indifference, and she often has the impression that she is misunderstood. She is proud and doesn´t like to show her vulnerability, which she perceives as a sign of weakness. Likewise, she would rather try and manage for herself than consider asking others for help. Practical and rational, Heather   relies on reason and logic. From time to time she can be given to flights of fancy, but it usually isn´t very long before she comes back down to earth. Hard working and conscientious, she is thrifty, organized and a perfectionist. As a child, she is far too well-behaved and responsible for her age, sometimes forgetting her own needs and desires in an effort to please her parents or at least avoid disappointing them. She already has a strong sense of duty and is scrupulous in all that she undertakes: to use authority and force with her is strictly unnecessary and even counter-productive. Indeed if her parents do not understand this then she could risk growing up to become a woman with more than her fair share of inhibitions. Heather   has a great need for privacy. Give her a large metal box with a key, and as she grows older, she will probably want a diary with an infallible lock. If she happens to be the eldest, make sure that the younger children know not to touch her things or go into her bedroom, this is a sacred place, and her books and other personal belongings are her treasure.


What does she like?
Close to nature, Heather   likes simplicity and can´t stand insincerity, deceit or pretence. Above all she seeks security, and it really doesn´t matter if the routine sets in or if her existence becomes monotonous. She would be happiest living in the countryside, far away from the noise and the bustling crowds where she could enjoy life´s simple pleasures. She delights in the the company of animals and loves spending time in her garden, strolling in the sun or contemplating a rosebud... Romance isn´t always easy for this self-contained and reserved young lady: spontaneity isn´t really her strong point, and neither is exuberant self-expression. She is dependable, secure and incredibly loyal and will choose her partner according to his moral fibre and his values. Heather   is a woman with principles.


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What does she do?




Heather   is likely to be attracted to the social, medical and paramedical professions: in connection with law, justice and magistracy... However, she also needs security and could be tempted by a safer position, such as a public servant. Occupations in relation to the land, flowers or animals are likely to appeal to her, as well as those requiring attention to detail.



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It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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The last comments about "Heather  "

Comment Pseudo Date
Almost creepy in how accurate it is...almost makes me think someone was watching me and wrote this down fast. :) Heather 2016-02-13
It was pretty accurate there were some things wrong like the well behaved kid. Heather 2015-12-27
why is this so accurate?? omg Heather 2015-11-11
The only line that really fits my personality... I am organized and perfectionist. 2015-09-14
it's me to the tee heather 2015-08-01
This is 100% accurate! Totally me all the way! Heather 2015-07-13
Im sitting here at my paramedic job, and reading this. everything was so spot on! Heather 2015-05-21
maybe 25% accurate. I am outgoing/social/high-energy/low privacy... I do however have a job in social justice--that was the only thing that was accurate. Heather 2015-03-19
Extremely accurate down to even the profession! Spot on! Heather 2015-02-22
Weirdly accurate except the self esteem and privacy comments. A tough yet meathodical leader is willing to cultivate and also willing to be loyal and respect equals or those who become strong with what's given, but there is a limit and the privacy is also more like great selectivity. If one is strong yet a real leader, one only gives their extended time to equals or those who become so with the cultivation given as quickly as expected. An introvered cover is a more polite way to cut off those who should be. Heather 2014-12-27

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