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Meaning of name Hallam  

Etymology : From a surname which was derived from a place name meaning either "at the rocks" or "at the nook" in Old English.


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Origin : English (Rare)


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Gender : boy


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Who is he?


Hallam   is an independent man for whom the word freedom is sacred. He is a seducer - a lover of life and pleasure. He has itchy feet and if circumstances are favourable, he can often be found between flights or train journeys. He has a great need for adventure, for which he is well-equipped with swift reactions, curiosity and tremendous adaptability. His finer qualities include: dynamism, a sense of initiative, sociability, an easy-going manner and a shrewd mind. He is a very likeable character, probably due to his passionate and enthusiastic nature. His shortcomings are: instability, fickleness, thoughtlessness, voraciousness, carelessness and even a certain amount of licentiousness; he enjoys taking risks and can appear somewhat shallow. However he is actually a sensitive soul whose intuitive abilities are finely tuned; which combined with his other qualities means that those around him generally perceived him as being a pleasant sort of chap. He isn´t cut out for living alone because he cannot tolerate solitude; he would even prefer an unsuitable relationship rather than face loneliness. Luckily, he is particularly talented at networking as well as negotiation. As a child, he can be a right little monkey! Rather unsettled and excitable, he can often be disobedient and disorderly to boot - enough to exasperate his parents for a few years at least. A relatively strict upbringing is therefore necessary, which nonetheless allows him to retain a certain amount of independence including a few hours of recreational time each day where he can let off some steam (physical exercise and sport are highly recommended).


What does he like?
A humanist, Hallam   likes to make himself useful, and is capable of great devotion and self-sacrifice for others. By the same token, he also enjoys participating in group or communal activities with others that share his ideology and principles. His romantic life is of central importance; he is a passionate and sensual lover who is inclined to fall head over heels in love, if not at first sight then probably not long afterwards. But he is a man of conquest and gets bored pretty quickly once the chase is over. He may have a taste for foreign countries and the unusual, and an exotic stranger won´t be likely to leave him indifferent. The way he sees it, all life´s experiences are interesting, whoever the people may be, whatever the places or circumstances... However he would be wise to remember that life is not a game!


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What does he do?




Because Hallam   is a rather impatient person, he is unlikely to undertake a lengthy program of study (unless he has a profound motivation to do so), and would rather get on with things straight away, sometimes changing his mind several times. He is likely to choose a career in connection with travel and foreign countries (import-export, transportation or tourism), sales and marketing, advertising, the press or in relation to cuisine, gastronomy, hotels and catering..., He could also find satisfaction through a career in the medical, social or paramedical fields, or in connection with the judiciary system.



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It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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