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Meaning of name Günther  

Etymology : From the Germanic name Gundahar, derived from the elements gund "war" and hari "army, warrior"


Saint :


Origin : German


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Gender : boy


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Who is he?


He is a strange and mysterious man, which is no doubt because he is extremely introverted and secretive, but also because he possesses incredible self-control. Shy and reluctant to communicate, he hides his hypersensitivity and emotionalism behind a frosty facade of insensitivity and distance. This attitude is probably easier for him to live with, but it but does not enable him to feel truly understood his entourage who often assume him to be indifferent. He seeks peace and quiet which has a very beneficial effect on his mind, giving him time and space to reflect, to meditate and to lapse into introspection from time to time. Indeed, Günther   is what Pascal Blaise referred to as a "thinking reed", more cerebral and intellectual than truly active or materialistic. He is capable of critical thinking and is inclined to skepticism, sometimes wearing a small ironic smile in the corner of his mouth. And yet he has a natural grasp of geometry, is good at analyzing and would make a confident and convincing scientist with his brilliant, intuitive mind. Being a man of few words, he listens more than he speaks and could - if he aligns himself with the energies of his karmic 7 and 9 - open new vistas to psychology, parapsychology and spirituality. Moreover, he doesn´t do things by halves: he could either be an atheist or even acrimonious towards all forms of faith; or by contrast a fervent believer, capable of fanatic or sectarian attitudes and beliefs... He is nervous man who develops his mental abilities, first and foremost; somewhat solitary, with an original approach to life, others may perceive him as being different. In fact, his personality isn´t fully developed until middle age and is often accompanied by the acquisition of wisdom. As a child, Günther   is what one might call a "little angel". Too angelic at times: he can even be inhibited and lonely. He would much rather hide inside a good science fiction book, or better still, behind his computer screen, so he doesn´t have to face the real world, which makes him nervous. It is therefore necessary to encourage him socialize keeping in mind his emotional sensitivity, because he has so much to gain from and to share with others. However, he is very bashful, preferring not to let his emotions show on the outside and untimely displays of affection make him very uncomfortable... He could participate in an outdoor group activity, or join a theater company, either of which would do him the world of good...


What does he like?
Although it is true that he can be a little unsociable Günther   has great love for humanity, and it is precisely because he is so sensitive that he tends to protect himself. He is kind, and often tries to help others (albeit sometimes clumsily) because his ideals are high. His love life is important to him and yet he is wary and cautious, afraid of pain or disappointment. He is inclined to solitude, being of those who prefer to be alone rather than in bad company. His modesty, reserve and frosty attitude can at times be a shield and yet Günther   is actually somebody who is well worth knowing, curiously oscillating as he does between an apparent cynicism and a romantic and idealistic nature.


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What does he do?




Because he is an unusual man, he is likely to be attracted by cutting-edge professions related to the latest technology (technician, engineer, computer specialist). The humanities could equally be an area of interest (psychology, education, law) as well as professions related to performance for entertainment purposes (theatre, film and other media), or with foreign connections (international relations, import-export, tourism).



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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