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Meaning of name Griet  

Etymology : Short form of MARGRIET


Saint :


Origin : Dutch


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Gender : girl


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Who is she?


Griet   is a sensitive and emotional woman with a very charming manner, who is eager to please and be liked in return. She is rather outgoing and seeks the company of others, with whom she is sociable, communicative, and particularly accommodating and helpful. She may need to be guided, given her hesitant, undecided and somewhat impressionable nature. She is refined, a perfectionist (fussy even), and not indifferent to beauty, aesthetics and art. Griet   is very sensitive to comfort as well as harmony in her family environment, and both are necessary for her emotional well-being. Indeed, emotional distress can have significant impact on her equilibrium, and may cause her to become withdrawn. She is of fine moral character and strong-willed, with the possible exception of when her feelings have been hurt: Indeed, her emotional environment has a stimulating effect, and if she feels alone or abandoned she tends to lose her motivation in whatever she´s doing. Therefore, when she is a child, care must be taken in the expression of affection: if she feels that she is not loved enough, (or indeed if she considers that she is loved too much) she can be known to indulge in a certain indolence, becoming apathetic and even lazy. It is imperative to empower her to become autonomous and responsible, but again, be careful not to go too far: the karmic 6 means that she could experience particular difficulty in relation to her family, and is capable of disowning them completely, or by contrast, she may feel constantly obliged to them... Extremely sensitive to beauty and harmony, it would be very beneficial for her to cultivate an artistic hobby, avoiding scattering her energy too far and wide, because she tends to be rather versatile. She is an adherent to the "path of least resistance" and prefers to side-step problems when they arise...


What does she like?
Deep down, Griet   is far from materialist, and is inclined to live her life according to more spiritual values. Daydreaming of a perfect world is equally a perfect way for her to escape reality, which can sometimes be harsh with all its worries and problems. On the same note, she also loves travelling and anything else that breaks the monotony. In her emotional life she can lack objectivity, and could be described as a "sentimental fool", who dreams of a thrilling romance with Prince Charming, once she has found him that is. She needs to idealize the man she loves, and this tends to lead to disappointment when she discovers that "the chosen one" isn´t perfect, after all. On the other hand, settling down and starting a family is paramount for her, but she is very elitist: making decisions in love isn´t always easy for her and she can be known to falter at the fateful moment! Furthermore, she is rather demanding and tends to be somewhat critical of her partner due to her keen analytical mind and attention to detail... Even so, she can also be patient and understanding - if he´s worth it, in which case she is capable of utter devotion...


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What does she do?




Her home life will probably be her number one priority, although she could be tempted by a career of artistic or esthetic orientation, professions connected with the fields of medicine and healthcare, ecology, zoology, as well as occupations requiring accuracy and attention to detail.



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*To note: :

It sometimes happens that two different first names have the same meaning. This has nothing surprising: both first names have the same figures of numerology. It is as in astrology: two persons belonging to the same sign present the same characteristic...

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